Patient's Ask the Sacramento Dentistry Group: Is It Easier to Eat With Implants?

Eating is made more difficult when teeth go missing. Dental implants replace teeth by securing a solid post to the jawbone and then attaching a replacement tooth to the post. This is an ideal technology, but some cannot use it and others cannot afford it. Are there compromises available that preserving customary eating habits? The Sacramento Dentistry Group answers this question.

A common question is whether dental implants make it easier to eat. Of course, although implants are the best restoration technology available for dental patients, nothing beats the performance of original teeth. Therefore, the Sacramento Dentistry Group encourages good oral hygiene and semi-annual dental visits to preserve the best dentition available — real teeth. But teeth are lost for a variety of reasons, some simply unavoidable. When it happens, a patient has a variety of options, and dental implants are one of them.

Implants and Dentures — It’s Not Just Either – Or

Although some people opt to not replace missing teeth, usually due to the cost of replacements, this decision has grave consequences for health and wellness. Eating is made more difficult, self-esteem is damaged and the jaw eventually suffers severe bone loss wherever teeth are missing. While replacing every lost tooth with an implant would be ideal for preserving jawbone density, the costs are prohibitive for some. Therefore, dentures are the most common form of “false teeth” when multiple teeth are missing.

Denture users do face their challenges with food, however, like eating corn on the cob and apples. While a skilled denture wearer has more success with certain foods than other patients, and a good fit for the denture is extremely important, the fact is that it’s much harder to eat certain things that many patients were once used to eating. Thus, an economical solution combines the solidity of dental implants with the affordability of dentures.

By placing only a few dental implants, instead of an entire set, a removable denture can be attached to the jawbone. This provides a firmness that gets close to a full set of dental implants, but without the cost. Both the upper and lower arches can be replaced this way and patient satisfaction with this system is very great. When economic considerations are paramount, the dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group strongly recommend this compromise that combines a familiar dental technology with the latest in restoration dentistry.

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Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group