Partners In Leadership Named to 2019 Leadership Training Companies Watch List

For fifth consecutive year, global consulting firm included in top 20 companies to watch for training programs industry by launching new cutting-edge digital tools

The 2019 Leadership Training Companies Watch List

​Partners In Leadership LLC, the firm that guides clients in defining Key Results™, shaping Cultural Beliefs® and solving Accountability Gaps, announces that the company has been named to the 2019 Leadership Training Watch List Companies for the fifth consecutive year and is now introducing cutting-edge digital, learning and leadership tools.

Training Industry, the most trusted source of information on the business of learning, prepares Top 20 and Watch List reports on critical sectors of the training marketplace as part of its mission to continually monitor the market for the best providers of training services and technologies.

“This year’s Leadership Training Companies Watch List showcases a wide variety of emerging and repeat organizations that are making a significant impact in the leadership training segment,” said Lea Johnson, market research manager at Training Industry.

“We look forward to seeing these companies continue to evolve as leadership training expectations shift toward digital learning,” Johnson said.

Partners In Leadership is leading the charge in creating new groundbreaking leadership tools from the C-suite to the front line. 2018 saw the introduction of The Workplace Accountability Index. Beyond a survey tool, the Index measures a company’s workforce ability to handle change, growth, speed to market, achievement and engagement. It ties these organizational pillars to workplace accountability. Find out more at

In March of 2019, Partners In Leadership launched a radically new digital app – Propeller. The app is uniquely geared toward propelling team results to unprecedented levels of achievement. Including exclusive features such as Key Results, a leadership communication platform with video support, feedback, a solve-it tool and, finally, wisdom from The Oz Principle, team achievement is now at every team leader’s fingertips. Find out more about Propeller at

“We are honored to be recognized among premier and emerging leadership training organizations in the industry,” said Brent Barton, president and CEO of Partners In Leadership. “We’re on the cutting edge of digital learning. We listen to our clients’ top needs through an advisory committee and turn these needs into the newest technology solutions.”

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About Partners In Leadership

Partners In Leadership guides clients in defining Key Results™, shaping Cultural Beliefs® and solving Accountability Gaps. With our network of experts around the world and No. 1 award-winning content, our firm helps clients achieve their mission by dramatically boosting employee engagement, inspiring innovation, improving cross-collaboration, developing accountable leaders, blending strategy with culture and more. Partners In Leadership continues the legacy of pioneering Accountability Training and innovating cultural transformation, and is now introducing cutting-edge digital, learning and leadership tools.

For further information on Partners In Leadership, visit or call 800-504-6070. For press inquiries, contact Kristen Keks at or (951) 376-3201.

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