Particle Measuring Systems Completes ISO/IEC 17025 Assessment With Zero Deficiencies

Accredited calibrations for select products can now be conducted at the corporate headquarters with the latest international standard.

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is pleased to announce certification of ISO/IEC 17025, accredited by A2LA, for the performance of ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibrations. This accreditation provides PMS with the ability to offer globally recognized ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibrations for critical instruments at our Boulder service center. The vigorous ISO assessment took place November 4th and 5th, 2015.

Upon completion of the evaluation, it was determined that PMS passed with zero deficiencies. “Most initial assessments are completed with an average of eight to ten deficiencies, that we passed with none is a testament to the high standards at which we hold our employees and our operations. The assessor noted Particle Measuring Systems’ excellence in all areas as the key factor in achieving zero deficiencies upon evaluation, and also stated that this is an extremely rare accomplishment,” said Kathy Campitelli, Director of Engineering at Particle Measuring Systems.

“Particle Measuring Systems has been an ISO 9001 certified facility since 1998. ISO 17025 accreditation was the next step in ensuring we could meet the full requirements of our customers,” said John Mitchell, President of Particle Measuring Systems, “Our next step will be to immediately pursue the same ISO accreditation at our relevant international locations including Denmark, Italy, Germany, China, Singapore, and Taiwan.”  

About Particle Measuring Systems

A global technology leader in the microcontamination monitoring industry, PMS, a Spectris company, is the inventor of laser particle counting and the largest particle counter manufacturer in the world. Regardless of industry or monitoring requirements, PMS helps manufacturers measure what matters.

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