Particle Measuring Systems Continues Environmentally Friendly Approach

Global company expands environmental commitment with multiple programs at Boulder Headquarters.

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS), a global expert in contamination monitoring, has been actively monitoring and reducing their own environmental impact  over the last few years. The latest steps in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach include installing new electric car charging stations on site for employee use, installing an ultra-pure water (UPW) recycling system (that saves approximately 40% of UPW water use), and actively participating in Boulder’s zero waste program by implementing a composting program and training all Boulder employees.

Past CSR initiatives have included installing new lighting that reduces wattage used, eliminating white room air handles, and implementing a comprehensive recycling program that includes electronics. Areas where lighting has been changed have had a 41% reduction in watts used. The change was made by removing T-12 lighting and replacing it with T-8 high efficiency lighting.

"We are participating in all these programs for several reasons.. it is the right thing to do, it saves us money, and it supports our employees and the environment."

John Mitchell, President of Particle Measuring Systems

The white room air handlers that PMS used in the past accounted for 17% of the building’s total electric bill. PMS was able to remove them and retrofit the space to deliver tempered air without them, with no additional energy consumption.

Since January 2013, Particle Measuring Systems has sent 21,550 pounds of electronics and parts/materials to a responsible electronics recycling company that de-manufactures electronics, and separates the components by category.  The items are then recycled and kept out of the landfills. PMS also recycles office paper on an individual basis as well as cardboard.

“We are participating in all these programs for several reasons,” said John Mitchell, President of Particle Measuring Systems, “it is the right thing to do, it saves us money, and it supports our employees and the environment.”

About Particle Measuring Systems

Particle Measuring Systems Inc. (PMS), a subsidiary of Spectris plc, is a global technology leader and expert in contamination monitoring, the inventor of laser particle counting, and now is the leading provider of solutions for monitoring and controlling many forms of contamination that impact companies that manufacture in ultra-clean environments. 

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A global technology leader in the environmental monitoring industry, PMS, a Spectris company, is the inventor of laser particle counting and the largest particle counter manufacturer in the world.

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