Parrish FL Home Owners and Residents Rally Against Development of Proposed Springfield Subdivision

Parrish FL home owners and area dwellers are unite against the proposed Springfield development.

Parrish FL home owners and area dwellers are unite against the proposed Springfield development off 25th Street East, which they believe would only lead to more developments in the area and start changing their serene community into a more urban-type of neighborhood.

In the year 2003, Springfield developer Springfield developer Shunn-Shion Chung set out with the same proposition and failed. Then, he requested approval to put up 30 houses on the 12-acre site but he was refused by Manatee County officials. According to the officials, many of the houses on that 12-acre land would only look out of character with the neighborhood. They believe that Springfield would not only look awkward and incompatible with its surroundings, it would also bring about drainage problems.

Despite Chung's plans being cut down to 19 houses instead of 30, dwellers of the area say that's still a lot. According to them, this zone is supposedly for agricultural use and the supposed number of residence per 5 acres is only one.

It appears that Chung kept appealing for the approval of his requests even if this needs compromising. In the beginning of the month though, commissioners put off all actions relevant to Chung's request, and when they take up the request again at 9 a.m. last 22nd of November, residents say they will "pack the county commission chambers to let their voices be heard".

A coalition of neighborhoods who united to oppose Chung's proposal have expressed their strong disapproval of this with opposition signs in many front yards along 25th Street East and Wellon Ranch Road. The headcount of people who are in the opposition meeting is 53, and this shows how they've all joint forces against this. Furthermore, they are very much resolved to win this battle, even despite Chung's trying to negotiate with them. Chungs lawyer, Patricia Petruf, said that they wouldn't compromise to his offer to reduce the units of houses to be built to 12 instead of 19. At the end, the residents say "There was no negotiating, that was the end of it,"

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