Paradigm B2B Announces Release of Third Annual Evaluation of Digital Commerce Solutions for B2B

Research for both midmarket and enterprise buying segments leverages unique methodology to identify best-fit solutions.

Paradigm B2B announced today the wide release of its annual research focused on B2B e-commerce solutions offered in both the midmarket and enterprise buying segments. Developed by Paradigm B2B CEO and B2B e-commerce expert Andy Hoar, both the Paradigm B2B Midmarket and Enterprise Combines are now available for free download from several of the vendors evaluated in the research.

Paradigm B2B's Combine reports, now in their third year, are distinctive because they are not based on oversimplified, "winner-take-all" 2x2 boxes.  Andy Hoar and his team use a unique methodology based on 35 criteria, including 65+ customer interviews, and evaluate solutions individually in key performance areas, similar to how professional sports leagues evaluate the skills of draft candidates.

"The Combine is quite unique in that it doesn't focus on composite scores that often highlight vendors who are good at many things but perhaps not great at anything," said Sean Donovan, Digital Channels Manager at MSA Safety. "What sets the Combine apart is that it evaluates solutions in distinct categories, which enables our respective teams to really zero in on who excels in a particular area."

"I trust Andy Hoar's work. He's covered the space for years and knows a great deal about B2B e-commerce platforms.  Many people turn to Andy for critical B2B insights," said Adrienne Hartman, Senior Director of Ecommerce & Campaign Sales at J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

Several vendors evaluated in the 2021 Combine research are making the Paradigm B2B Combine reports available for free as a digital download. To download a free copy of a Paradigm B2B Midmarket Combine report, please visit any of the following sites:

To download a free copy of a Paradigm B2B Enterprise Combine report, please visit any of the following sites:

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About Andy Hoar

Andy Hoar is one of the world's leading authorities on B2B e-commerce business and strategy. He's written about, and consulted extensively with, distributors and manufacturers at global Fortune 100 companies and leading midmarket B2B companies that are digitizing their direct and indirect selling initiatives. Prior to founding Paradigm B2B, Andy was a vice president and principal analyst at global business and advisory services firm Forrester Research, where he authored much of the seminal work on B2B e-commerce.

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