Paradigm B2B Announces Release of Second Annual Evaluation of Digital Commerce Solutions for B2B

Research for midmarket buying segment leverages innovative methodology to address best-of-breed vs. best-of-suite debate

​​​​​​​​​​Paradigm B2B announced today the wide release of the second annual version of its research focused on B2B eCommerce solutions offered in the Midmarket buying segment. Developed by Paradigm B2B CEO and B2B eCommerce expert Andy Hoar, the Paradigm B2B Midmarket Combine is now available for free download from several of the vendors evaluated in the research.

“In my years covering the B2B industry, VPs of eCommerce and their IT counterparts have rarely asked me to force-rank software solutions. Rather, not only did they ask me about the capabilities of the product (e.g., promotions, upgrades), but they frequently asked me how well companies have historically delivered on their promises (e.g., vision, pricing)."

Andy Hoar designed the Combine research to follow the rigorous process that pro sports leagues use to evaluate the skills of prospective draft candidates. “I’m using a similar methodology to assess the capabilities and fit of B2B eCommerce solutions across critical performance areas,” said Hoar.

Paradigm’s Midmarket Combine is once again the only report in 2020 exclusively focused on midmarket B2B eCommerce. The Combine report is distinctive because it focuses on how specific vendor products perform within both key product categories (e.g., Promotions Management) and non-product categories (e.g., Customer Service & Support). In contrast, conventional research reports in the B2B space don’t evaluate how solutions perform from a best-of-breed versus best-of-suite perspective.

"The Combine is distinctive in that it evaluates customer service metrics and measures associated with specific B2B eCommerce solutions," said Mike Powers, Director of eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Alaska Rubber Group. “That’s extremely important to customer-first and behavior-driven organizations like ours.”

According to Jim Lyman, Corporate Vice President of Sales Operations at Reinhart Foodservice, "Andy's 360-degree view is quite unique in the B2B space and extraordinarily useful to those of us interested in eCommerce and sales enablement technologies. 

Paradigm B2B evaluated all solutions on a five-point scale across 35 detailed and weighted criteria. Medals were awarded based on composite scores in 10 distinct categories. Hoar established the criteria used in the Combine based on years of industry experience, as well as nearly 70 recent interviews with B2B practitioners such as VPs of eCommerce and IT decision-makers.

Several vendors evaluated in the 2020 Combine research are making the Paradigm B2B Midmarket Combine report available for free as a digital download. To download a free copy of a Paradigm B2B Midmarket Combine report, please visit the following sites:

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About Andy Hoar

Andy Hoar is one of the world’s leading authorities on B2B eCommerce business and strategy. He’s written about, and consulted extensively with, distributors and manufacturers at global Fortune 100 companies and leading mid-market B2B companies that are digitizing their direct and indirect selling initiatives. Prior to founding Paradigm B2B, Andy was a vice president and principal analyst at global business and advisory services firm Forrester Research, where he authored much of the seminal work on B2B eCommerce.

Andy has been quoted in various media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and CNBC. He is a summa cum laude graduate in economics from the University of Dayton and holds advanced degrees from Harvard University and Northwestern University.

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