"Para Brella": Users Have Great Visuals and Unlimited Protection

​Keeping away from the elements that are pouring down on the environment can be a real hassle, and shielding users from the rain, sleet, snow, or sun with adequate protection can be almost impossible. But, if one is using the Para Brella, an umbrella composed of vinyl fabric rated UPF 30 or more that has an elongated para-sail design with a shifting handle that slides from left to right, it is almost effortless. Depending on where the desired coverage is needed the user has control. The Para Brella offers full and enhanced coverage through its extended canopy sail design. The Para Brella handle (and shaft) can be deployed to either side while in use and provides complete, extended coverage along with a full range of visibility of one's surroundings at the same time.

The design of the Para Brella consists of a comfortable, ergonomic rubber grip handle that slides from left to right upon deployment. This grip ensures a firm hold and the unit has an expanse from shoulder to shoulder. The Para Brella has ribs, a stretcher to lift the canopy, a runner, inner tubing within the shaft, a bottom spring to activate as well as a ferrule to cap it off. Different colors, motifs and patterns are available. Handbags coupled with the Para Brella can be coordinated and some hand bags feature a 'holster' or carrying case that could match or compliment the Para Brella. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Para Brella.


The Patent Pending Para Brella was invented by Kathleen Angelos of Brooklyn, NY who said, “The uninflated Para Brella will fit in a briefcase, backpack or handbag. When it is fully extended the canopy cover provides complete coverage from shoulder to shoulder, as well as the lower part of the body. It is efficient protection from the UV Rays of the sun or from rain, sleet or snow during winter weather. It works.”

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