PAIRIN Announces Partnership With Credly to Expand Market for Soft Skills Curriculum and Badging


  In conjunction with the launch of its online soft skills curriculum, PAIRIN announced that the company is partnering with Credly to offer digital badges for its online courses. As part of a mutual agreement, Credly will feature PAIRIN’s soft skills assessment and training programs as a complement to the digital credentials issued by associations, education institutions and employers on the Credly platform.​

PAIRIN’s online curriculum, which personalizes content based on individual skills gaps and career goals, includes 300 micro-lessons to develop 54 soft skills. The company’s partnership with Credly will allow learners to receive digital badges that can be embedded in resumes, e-portfolios, emails, and websites, and shared on professional and social networks, like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to demonstrate their completion of the training and competency in a skill.

We are excited that through this partnership, Credly's and PAIRIN's customers can now benefit from both the most comprehensive soft skills curriculum and the leading digital badging platform.

Michael Simpson, PAIRIN CEO

Unlike paper-based certifications, digital badges are embedded with relevant “metadata” such as the badge title, description, date earned, issuer and recipient name. PAIRIN’s partnership with Credly allows the company to issue portable and secure credentials that empower earners and make learned skills more transparent. In a world where paper diplomas and certificates are often tucked in a file or hung on an office wall with no visibility to potential employers or partners, digital badges create a visible and valuable offering for job seekers and hiring managers alike.

“Credly’s leadership and expertise in digital badging make them the perfect partner to extend this offering to all individuals who complete our online soft skills courses,” said Michael Simpson, CEO of PAIRIN. “We are excited that through this partnership, Credly’s and PAIRIN’s customers can now benefit from both the most comprehensive soft skills curriculum and the leading digital badging platform,” Michael added.

“Employers consistently tell us that soft skills are essential to hiring decisions but that they are hard to discern from a traditional resume," said Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly. "PAIRIN's integration of verified credentials for soft skills attainment helps address this issue by delivering a trusted and validated signal of proficiency to employers and managers."


PAIRIN is a social enterprise software company whose mission is to make education relevant and hiring equitable. The PAIRIN Readiness Management SystemTM is the world’s first industry independent cloud-based solution for integrating soft skills development and matching into any program or company. Recognized as one of “The Top 50 Coolest New Companies in America” by Business Insider in 2015, winner of the 2017 Denver Chamber of Commerce Start-Up of the Year award and the 2017 Colorado Companies to Watch, PAIRIN continues to lead the skills-based talent pipeline evolution for education and industry. Find out more at

About Credly 

Credly is a leading digital credential service provider, helping the world recognize lifelong achievement with the most popular platforms for verifying, sharing and managing digital credentials and badges. The enterprise-class system allows organizations to officially verify skills and competencies; distribute portable and secure digital credentials and open badges; and gain actionable data and insights. Thousands of education institutions, industry associations, employers and workforce development programs use Credly to make achievements visible. For more information about Credly, visit

Source: PAIRIN, Inc.

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