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Pacific Lock Company releases statement to U.S. padlock distributors in response to well-established competitor decreasing its discounts

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Pacific Lock Company (PACLOCK) released a statement last week to all U.S.-based distributors of a well-established lock manufacturer in response to that company purportedly significantly decreasing discounts to its non-national distributors.

PACLOCK is offering all affected distributors the discounts needed to stay competitive in the marketplace. For years, the long-standing manufacturer has enjoyed an unchallenged position and this announcement by PACLOCK signals a significant shift in the padlock industry.

PACLOCK is reaching out to all of our competitor's distributors to say, 'You've been thinking about moving over to PACLOCK for some time now … guess what? The other guys just made the decision for you.'

Gregory Waugh, President and CEO

According to Gregory Waugh, president and CEO of PACLOCK, ever since the established manufacturer purchased another rival company in 2002, the competitive landscape for quality padlocks has drastically changed. “PACLOCK is quickly becoming the new 'Locksmith’s Lock' because of our U.S. production capabilities, short lead times, friendly customer service and ability to innovate – put simply, we solve customer problems when no other padlock manufacturer does,” said Waugh.

“When a customer calls and needs a problem solved, we do just that,” says John Van Duzee, key accounts manager at PACLOCK. The U.S. manufacturer started receiving calls from disgruntled padlock distributors because of a five percent drop in discounts on the product line offered by PACLOCK’s competitor. According to Van Duzee, these distributors are left with no way of competing against the larger distributors “and that’s a problem PACLOCK will solve for our current and future customers,” says Van Duzee.

“PACLOCK is reaching out to all of our competitor’s distributors to say, ‘You’ve been thinking about moving over to PACLOCK for some time now … guess what? The other guys just made the decision for you,'” said Waugh. As the only manufacturer in the world producing Buy American Act (BAA)-compliant brass, hardened steel and aluminum-bodied padlocks, PACLOCK is in a unique position to be the legitimate alternative to the established brand’s line of padlocks. “We just need a chance to get our foot in the door,” said Waugh, “and when PACLOCK gets that opportunity, customers wonder why PACLOCK had not been there sooner.”

In business since 1998, PACLOCK made drastic manufacturing changes in 2010 by onshoring its padlock body manufacturing. “Our family decided to bring our manufacturing to the U.S.A. long before the term onshoring was popular,” said Waugh. And with PACLOCK’s U.S. manufacturing capabilities, the company is expanding their product lines dramatically while most other padlock manufacturers are cutting products. In the past two years alone, PACLOCK has released more than 100 new products into the locksmithing industry.

Waugh also points out that many distributors and large institutions have moved their padlock-purchasing habits to another large manufacturer - one producing Chinese and German products for sale in the U.S.A. “With how we’ve built our infrastructure these past four years, we can support even the largest of retail outlets with high-quality products that are BAA compliant, from a family-owned and operated business and from a workforce that is approximately 15 percent disabled,” said Waugh.

Since releasing the letter of support, PACLOCK has already begun to receive interest from its competitor’s distributors eager to partner with a manufacturer committed to distributors’ success. PACLOCK expects to field numerous calls over the next several days and weeks and says it’s prepared for the demand.

About Pacific Lock Company:

Pacific Lock Company is a leader in the commercial and enterprise security products industry, manufacturing a large assortment of traditional solid and laminated-body padlocks; trucker locks; hockey-puck locks; government locks; HASPS and smart lock solutions. PACLOCK’s innovations in product design and manufacturing are unrivaled, with the company’s machining facility located in Valencia, California, and a majority of components sourced from the United States.

PACLOCK also provides a wide range of customizable products and unique applications. The company’s products are engineered and built to set the standard for extreme durability and dependability. Founded in 1998, PACLOCK is proud to be a family-owned and operated American company.

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About Pacific Lock Company

Pacific Lock Company is a leading manufacturer of commercial and enterprise-level security products and solutions. Engineered and machined in California, U.S.A. Founded in 1998, PACLOCK is proud to be a family-owned and operated American company.

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