PACLOCK's Custom Keying on Amazon

Pacific Lock Company (PACLOCK) announced today that it completed full implementation of its "Every Lock, One Key," or "ELOK," technology selling straight to consumers via Amazon's online services. The combination of PACLOCK's ELOK and Amazon's custom product ordering capabilities puts both companies in a unique, never-before-done, direct sales opportunity where an Amazon consumer can select any number or variety of padlocks and have them all "keyed" to a key number of the consumer's choosing.

"This synergy of ELOK and Amazon will forever change how padlocks are purchased," says Gregory Waugh, President and CEO of Pacific Lock Company. He goes on to explain that consumers have never had an ability to purchase quantities of padlocks online that all shared the same key. "Sure, other companies offer "packs" of padlocks pre-combinated to a particular key number, but buying additional padlocks keyed to the original key or buying a different style of padlock to that original key is just not available," says Waugh.

With PACLOCK's implementation of ELOK on Amazon, customers can pick and choose not only from a wide variety of padlocks but as many padlocks as they'd like and have them all keyed to a number of their choosing. And follow-on orders are just as easy to have keyed into the original number. Customers can choose from PACLOCK's "standard rekeyable" series or products from its new, high-performance series of "UCS" products. "PACLOCK is pushing the capabilities of Amazon's technology and, in so doing, giving customers never-before-seen buying choices, along with extremely fast shipping ~ in essence, PACLOCK is the Amazon of padlocks," explains Waugh.

About Pacific Lock Company

Founded in 1998, Pacific Lock Company ("PACLOCK") is a leader in commercial and enterprise security products, manufacturing a large assortment of traditional solid and laminated body padlocks, hidden shackle and hockey puck-style locks, transportation locks, government locks, hasps, and smart lock solutions. PACLOCK's products are engineered and built to set the standard in craftsmanship, reliability, and extreme durability. The company also engineers custom solutions, unique applications and OEM manufacturing services for a wide variety of customers. PACLOCK is a family owned and operated small business that produces many of its high security padlocks and other locking devices in the USA using a workforce that has veterans and people with disabilities. For more information, please call 661-294-3707 or email

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About Pacific Lock Company

Pacific Lock Company is a leading manufacturer of commercial and enterprise-level security products and solutions. Engineered and machined in California, U.S.A. Founded in 1998, PACLOCK is proud to be a family-owned and operated American company.

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