Packingsupply Launches Bubble Wraps

The perfect protective packaging material - bubble wrap is now available online. Provides protection during shipping, handling and even during storage. Helps protect against vibrations, outside pressure, scratches and more.

Packingsupply introduces “bubble wrap”, all new perfect protective packaging. The bubble warps introduced are very much useful for the customers who needs protective packaging of their fragile and semi-fragile valuables.

Bubble Wrap is a plastic (polyethylene) cushioning protective packaging material forming air chambers primarily for the purpose of packing semi-fragile and fragile items. Bubble Wrap can come in many different forms, lengths, and cell sizes. The typical form used by movers as moving supplies is the standard plastic material. 

There are different lengths and widths of bubble wrap available. We provide two options which are width 1 meter and length 50 meters, another variant available have dimensions as width 1 meter and length 100 meters. The bubble wrap manufactured are 80 bubble GSM.

Bubble wrap provides protection like Surface protection, Cushioning, Void/Fill, prevent scratches, denting, shock absorption, vibration, and chipping. The bubble wrap is almost strictly used as void fill, or in other words to fill empty space that is left in your moving box once it’s been packed. 

Now protect, secure and enjoy safe delivery of semi-fragile and fragile valuables using the protective shield – bubble wrap, available online at cost effective rates.