Packingsupply Introduces Rate per Pack Feature - Online portal for all packaging needs, introduced "Rate Per Pack". Customers being the king of the market, we provide complete loyalty by giving best economical prices to ultimately benefit the customers who buy in bulk.

Packing supply introduced the Rate per Pack feature on their web-portal. The base minimum pack is 100 and there is an introduction of three different slabs of 1 pack (1 x 100), 10 pack (10 x 100) and 50 pack (50 x 100).  The pricing too is different for each slab since as the quantity increases, the pricing too goes down. The main motto behind carrying out such an exercise is to ultimately benefit the customer at large since anybody who wants to buy in bulk would be benefitted by the pricing.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Semil Shah, Digital Marketing Manager, Packingsupply says “We always believed in giving the best value for money products. We always believed that in today’s era, customer is the king and to maintain a certain loyalty to your products, you need to give your customers the best economical pricing which we have tried to achieve by way of introduction of rate per pack feature.”

Less You Pay, More you Get!

Shalin S, Corp.Communications Manager

Current offerings from Packing supply include Flipkart branded packaging, Courier bags, tamper evident envelopes, Security Envelopes, Bubble bags and envelopes, packing list, Bopp tapes and retail bags. The organization has been constantly innovating and updating its product line to provide its customers with nothing but the best.

About is a new initiative by market experts Dynaflex having three-decade old experience in printing and packaging. It is a one stop online destination for all your packaging materials requirements helping you to buy high quality packaging material at the ease of your fingertips, shipped straight to your homes. The best part about the website is that the buying quantity for the shopping website is as low as 100 pieces delivered at the address of your choice in minimum 3 working days.