Ozan Elektronik Para and AUSTRIACARD Join Forces to Introduce 'Ozan Card'

After launching Ozan SuperApp in February 2021, Ozan Elektronik Para prepares to offer "Ozan Card" in cooperation with AUSTRIACARD. Ozan Card will be on the market in the last quarter of 2021 with surprising, brand-new features.

Ozan Elektronik Para and AUSTRIACARD join forces to introduce  Ozan Card

Ozan Elektronik Para continues to announce major collaborations one after another, the latest of these being for the long-anticipated Ozan Card. Adopting the motto "We work with the world's best" in selecting its partners, Ozan Elektronik Para has entrusted Ozan Card's printing, distribution, and operational processes to AUSTRIACARD. AUSTRIACARD is a leading card operation company on a global scale and has a customization operation center in Turkey. AUSTRIACARD holds certificates issued by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Troy card schemes.

Ozan Elektronik Para had announced its Visa membership in February 2021 and UnionPay membership in March 2021, highlighting its aim to become "a global fintech". Ozan Elektronik Para announced their plans to add other major global card schemes to their portfolio soon, following up on their claim to their users to be "a card valid everywhere in the world".

Ozan Elektronik Para Founder Dr Ozan Ozerk says: 
"A physical card's look and feel are critical, as physical cards often are seen as brand ambassadors for fintechs trying to attract new users. We are very proud to take on this journey together with AUSTRIACARD. Starting with Turkey, Ozan SuperApp hopes to benefit from the vast knowledge of the AUSTRIACARD team as we expand our physical card offering across Europe and into the U.S."

Ozan Elektronik Para CEO Ömer Suner says:
"We are excited to introduce the highly anticipated Ozan Card to our users soon. The prepaid Ozan Card will make a difference in terms of both usage and design and be valid everywhere in the world. Ozan Card will also be integrated into Ozan SuperApp as a virtual card. This takes us another step forward towards our goal of turning Ozan SuperApp into a full-fledged SuperApp. We are also collaborating with popular retailers and digital channels to make Ozan Card easily accessible to our users.

"At this point, I am really happy to collaborate with AUSTRIACARD, one of the best card operations centers in Turkey and the world, and I trust them so much. Although forming these collaborations may sound trivial, they require significant planning and operational power. I would like to thank them once again on behalf of the Ozan Elektronik Para team for their support during this process. We will form and maintain such successful collaborations without pause to make our users happy."

AUSTRIACARD CEO Burak Bilge says:
"As AUSTRIACARD, we have been providing high-security smart card services and end-to-end customized solutions to respected institutions and organizations in the Turkish market for a quarter of a century; increasing our activities and market share in our country day by day through our financial and technological investments. Electronic money institutions are particularly important for us because of their contribution to the sector and their innovative approach. As AUSTRIACARD Turkey, we are pleased that Ozan Elektronik Para appreciates the quality of services and products we offer in business information security and payments lines.

"In advancing towards our goals, the most important detail for us is to provide secure, low-cost, innovative products and services that offer a real advantage to our customers. In this respect, on behalf of my team and myself, I would like to thank Ozan Elektronik Para, who operates with the motto of 'working with the world's best' and who I believe is truly open to innovation, is creative and will give a boost to the sector for their collaboration with our company and for entrusting us with all the printing, distribution, and operational processes of Ozan Card.

"I also sincerely believe that we will discover new areas to collaborate with Ozan Elektronik Para soon through the innovative products that we have developed and launched based on our digitization strategies, such as Digital Archiving, Chatbot/Chat Assistant and IoT."

About Ozan Elektronik Para:

Setting off for providing future financial services to its users, Ozan Elektronik Para is an electronic money organization licensed by the BRSA in accordance with law number 6493 and has been providing services under the authority of the CBRT (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) since January 2020.

With its SuperApp application, Ozan Elektronik Para aims to offer its customers a variety of financial services on a global scale, such as opening an account in seconds, transferring funds, precious metal trade, and prepaid cards; meanwhile providing various utilities including instant messaging, e-trade, booking plane tickets and placing grocery orders on a single application.

Ozan Elektronik Para currently has offices in Istanbul and London and is preparing to provide services in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the USA following its current efforts for international licensing.



AUSTRIACARD Holding Company has a history of 123 years and is one of the few companies in the world operating in the fields of secure transactions and document management and has become the first choice of hundreds of institutions. The group manages operations at many points in the world including Romania, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, and the United States.

AUSTRIACARD Turkey was founded in Istanbul as one of the most important affiliates of AUSTRIACARD AG and has been offering high-security smart card services and solutions since 1996 to many organizations across various industries such as banks, e-money institutions, municipalities, public institutions, hotels, airlines, and petrol stations.

Certified by payment companies such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Troy and conducting information security activities in Turkey with its leading card customization operation center, ACT Card grows its market share in Turkey and takes firm steps towards becoming a financial technology company that offers new products and services for digital security following the new vision of the holding company regarding digital transformation.

ACT Card continues to support their customers in every area with our products: Digital and Physical Archiving, the AI-supported chat robot Chatbot, Smart E-lock developed for the IoT sector, and Field Sales Management for tracking and measuring sales points, developed following the digital transformation goal of the group.



Media contact:
Omer Suner, CEO, omer.suner@ozan.com.

Source: Ozan Elektronik Para