Oxygen Forensics Introduces User-Focused Advancements in Latest Release

Oxygen Forensics, a global leader in digital forensics for law enforcement, federal agencies, and corporate clients, announced today the release of the latest version of the all-in-one digital forensic solution, Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.14.6. This version adds support for multiple new backups, continues to improve the iOS Agent extractor, and introduces a new analytic feature.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.14.6 improves its versatility as a full-featured digital forensic tool by expanding import capabilities for third-party extractions. With this upgrade, investigators will be able to import entire extractions from WonderShare MobileGo and Mobile Trans, and then analyze them using the built-in suite of analytic tools. In addition, brute-force decryption has been implemented for imports from MTK-based Android devices having FBE (File-Based Encryption).

With this release, investigators will have access to the latest iOS versions via an updated iOS Agent and will now have the ability to extract data from Apple devices running iOS versions 15.0 - 15.1.1. Oxygen Forensics also gives investigators access to more data through the introduction of several new mobile apps, like Skout and Google Meet. With these advancements, investigators will be able to extract varying datasets to help them gain valuable insights into the device user.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.14.6 introduces a powerful new feature - User Searches. Sure to provide critical background for investigators, this feature automatically compiles a user's searches from all extracted apps, like browsers and social networks, into a single list. The list provides additional data, including the date and the application the data was extracted from. Using this powerful feature, investigators will have the potential to identify the user's interests as well as develop a chronological log of their searches.

Oxygen Forensics makes several significant advancements with this new release, but among the most notable are the enhancements in import capabilities. When asked about the importance of improving import functionality, CEO Lee Reiber stated, "Oxygen Forensics recognizes that an effective digital investigator is one who uses the toolbox approach to digital forensics. Understanding this, we regularly add support for different backups and expand import capabilities to ensure that our solution allows for a seamless integration into any existing digital forensic workflow."

Oxygen Forensics continues to take critical steps to maintain its position as a user-focused digital forensic tool. With forward-thinking features and compatibility, they lead the industry as the most comprehensive and innovative digital forensic tool on the market.

For a full list of 14.6 updates, click here.

Cristian Rojas
Oxygen Forensics, Inc.

Source: Oxygen Forensics, Inc.


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