Oxygen Forensics Continues Momentum With New Release

Oxygen Forensics, a global leader in digital forensics for law enforcement, federal agencies, and corporate clients, announced today the release of the latest version to its all-in-one forensic solution Oxygen Forensic® Detective. With long-awaited features, improved user functionality and increased customization in exports, Oxygen Forensics continues the momentum it has been building since the tail end of last year.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective v.13.4 marks the return of the long-awaited hashing capability for image imports. Discontinued during a previous software update, this tool is now back with an extra feature. All hash values will be automatically saved under the notes section of the software after hashing is complete. COO Lee Reiber talks about the importance of hash files in investigations. "Conducting an investigation that can be reproduced is a foundational requirement in today's digital forensic landscape. Having and maintaining a digital fingerprint of the original piece of evidence should be an essential part of any investigation," said Reiber. When called upon, an investigator can demonstrate case integrity with the display of the computed hash values of each piece of evidence as well as each hashed file contained in the case. Furthermore, investigators can now export to .txt or .csv from the built-in hash sets manager to share the sets with other investigators.

When it comes time to export, investigators will now have the ability to customize their reports even more than before. This update allows users to set time intervals for data exports. Previous versions of Oxygen Forensic® Detective gave investigators the ability to specify one or more date ranges for exports. With this update, reports can be filtered to include data that fits into the specified date and time settings. Reports will denote which date and time intervals the exported data is from. Building on the export capabilities and large data sets, the ability to now process files concurrently revolutionizes the creation and compilation of large reports.

After 21 years in the industry, Oxygen Forensic® Detective has accrued support for over 30,000 devices. All are now listed and can be searched using various filters, including vendor, SoC, OS or name within the robust interface. Now, the newly added devices supporting Samsung Exynos and Huawei Kirin can easily be located using filters and even a search bar. With the addition of Discord, TikTok, Lime, and Bird to the app-parsing section, the company's leadership in today's forensic market is clearly shown.

This is another momentous release for Oxygen Forensics. It seems that Oxygen Forensics has hit a stride that it is committed to maintaining, and they are going to do that by continuing to put out valuable, effective tools that expedite and simplify the investigative process.

The full list of 13.4 updates can be found here.

Cristian Rojas
Oxygen Forensics, Inc.

Source: Oxygen Forensics, Inc.