Oxxiom Measures Oxygen Saturation Up to 105%

Oxxiom for Sports and Aviation is the only pulse oximeter that offers measurements over 100%

 On Aug. 9, 2019, True Wearables Inc., the designer and manufacturer of Oxxiom for Sports and Aviation, the world’s first wireless, continuous, single-use, fully disposable pulse oximeter, announced the release of the new Oxxiom App for Sports and Aviation, version 1.6.0.

The new Oxxiom App enables continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation (SpO2) values above 100.0% and up to 105.0%, with resolution of 0.1%. The new feature will allow athletes to better measure the efficacy of their workout and get a better understanding of their fitness level. The app will also help aviators to better monitor their oxygen saturation.

According to True Wearables’ CEO Dr. Marcelo Lamego, “Current pulse oximeters cannot measure oxygen saturation values higher than 100%. However, this is really a convention adopted by manufacturers and the community. The human body has a certain amount of hemoglobin that typically does not bind to oxygen. Under circumstances dictated by the user or the environment’s oxygen concentration, this hemoglobin binds to oxygen, which translates to higher SpO2 values. True Wearables has developed proprietary real-time algorithms that enable Oxxiom to measure oxygen saturation values higher than 100%.”

This new functionality was announced to celebrate the first anniversary of Oxxiom shipments to customers. According to True Wearables’ Director of Marketing Tatiana Buticosky Lamego, "This is a great milestone and we will continue to implement new and unique functionalities in Oxxiom in order to bring convenience, comfort, and more information to our customers."

More information about Oxxiom and the app can be found at www.truewearables.com.

Disclaimer: Oxxiom and the Oxxiom App for Sports and Aviation are not medical devices.

Source: True Wearables, Inc.

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