Oversize Westfall Static Mixer 2800 Shipped to Saudi Arabia for Water Reclamation Installation

Westfall's 1000mm (39in) High Shear Static Mixer Model 2800

Westfall recently shipped an oversize Static Mixer (1000mm) to Saudi Arabia for installation at the inlet of a treated effluent chlorine contact tank. 

The large wastewater treatment plant needed a compact plate mixer for chlorination application.  

The Saudi project engineer looked for a mixer that could achieve the high mixing efficiency needed within the one meter of space available. 

The Westfall Compact High Shear Static Mixer 2800 was chosen for its short lay length and proven high performance (a documented CoV of .009). 

Since ancient well sites in the region are chronically overdrawn, modern recycling installations like this are needed for bringing potable water to the rapidly growing populations of the Middle East.


Source: Westfall Manufacturing Company

Categories: Public Sector, Environmental and Waste Management, Business Process Management (BPM)

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