Out of Home Technology (OOH) Grabbed Attention of World Badminton Champion

Ms. Carolina Marin inaugurated Mera Hoardings' multi-vendor mobile app at Hyderabad, India

Carolina Marin Launches Mera Hoardings Multi Vendor Mobile APP

Mera Hoardings launched the world’s first Billboard booking mobile App compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices at an international level. Multiple billboard companies and Outdoor Agencies can set up their own marketplace all over the globe at an ease. World badminton champion Ms. Carolina Marin inaugurated the multi-vendor mobile app at Hyderabad, India; MeraHoardings.com is an Indian Outdoor Advertising online booking company eminent for innovation since 2015.

Pumping up in an Out of Home Advertising industry, Mera Hoardings introduced the world’s foremost billboard booking mobile app compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices. The word revolution is a bit overused these days, but it’s fair to say that the possibilities explored by Mera Hoardings. Outdoor Advertising online booking systems are far-reaching. Indian Outdoor Advertising AD-Space’s online booking platform www.merahoardings.com launched in December 2015. It has been growing with tremendous development since its origination and expanding business worldwide. Today Mera Hoardings is India’s major outdoor promotion online marketplace company, operating in 20 states with a broad assortment of 30,000-plus Billboards/Hoardings across 15000-plus diverse vendors.

World badminton champion Ms. Carolina Marin inaugurated Mera Hoardings' multi-vendor mobile app at Hyderabad, India.

Saikrishna Gajavelly, Founder & Chairman

“Mera Hoardings has been an official partner for sports championships ranging from Local Cricket leagues to international cricket such as BCCI, IPL, PROKABADDI and Premier Badminton League. Mera Hoardings has done the most innovative outdoor campaigns in 2017 streamline; this national campaign journey will boost its team to upgrade this multivendor mobile App technology. “With the launch we plan to go all over the technology world. Anyone from any state can book a billboard anywhere in India, Taking a step further, MeraHoardings.com has clubbed the billboards with ‘Hello oOH’ to gauge the traffic movement. The campaign monitoring technology ‘Hello oOH’ gives real-time videos of the advertising site which helps to gauge the impression counts in Mobile APP. Its the new trend for the out of home (OOH) advertising industry,” said Saikrishna Gajavelly , Founder & Chairman Mera Hoardings.

Mera Hoardings is the world’s first multivendor OOH marketplace mobile app module that makes it easy to set up outdoor companies in their own agency page by sharing their profile and outdoor Media boards on one page. Our Mobile App allows users to differentiate available billboards from different ooh media agencies. Mera Hoardings OOH Marketplace will prove to be a one-stop solution for Billboard Space buyers who shall be making booking in different mediums from different agencies. It is clear that the Billboard companies and agencies can make their business sales effective by using a Multi-Vendor mobile app to set up one’s own marketplace all over the world. This App is very handy for billboard owners and agencies across the globe can easily join and operate their business.

Source: Mera Hoardings

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