"Out Going Only": Easier Use for All Ages of the 21st Century Communication Community

The Out Going Only is a specially designed cellular device for ages 7 to 107 and programmed with up to six telephone numbers and configured to only make outgoing calls to these specifically programmed contacts, unless purposely unlocked by a parent or caregiver. Excluding internet access and other smartphone frills, the design intent is to provide children and adults with an easy-to-use cellular device that facilitates voice communication without all the distractions and interruptions common to traditional cellular phones. (The Out Going Only also features a voice activated retrieval/paging system, as well as GPS.)
The rectangular Out Going Only is a basic model cellular telephone that is unable to accept incoming calls, send or receive text messages, or access the internet eliminating the distractions and interruptions common to cellular phones. It is expressly for use by children, teens, seniors, as well as those with various special needs. The Out Going Only features a simple alphanumeric keypad for use in programming the phone with contact information and a liquid crystal display screen. The user can program the device with virtually any contacts deemed appropriate and he or she can choose to program the first contact with the number of a nearby parent or grandparent; the second contact, with the number of a close by Uncle or family member; the third, with a counselor, mentor, or caretaker's number; the fourth, with a friend or relative's number who lives in a neighboring city; the fifth, with an out-of-state contact, etc. Once programmed, the contact information can be “locked” into the phone, with the user creating and entering a four-digit pin code to prevent others from reprogramming or deleting the contact numbers. A voice activated retrieving system is included should one misplace their phone and the Out Going Only will include GPS so the phone or the phone's user can be located if necessary. This phone is powered with an internally contained rechargeable battery and a simple charger cord. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Out Going Only. 
Out Going Only is Patent Pending and invented by Denita Duncan of Los Angeles, CA who said, “It is a user-friendly mobile communication device that really works. Communicating with others is always welcome but sometimes some users need some help. The Out Going Only is a way to provide users with a measure of freedom and communication without errors. Distractions from incoming calls, including bothersome telemarketers, end when Out Going Only is in use.”
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