Ochsner Lafayette Healthcare Innovation Fund Invests in ThinkGenetic Vision for Genetic Disease Identification in Local Patients

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 Today ThinkGenetic, Inc. (thinkgenetic.com) announces the official acceptance of a $500,000 investment from the Ochsner Lafayette General Healthcare Innovation Fund.

"After years of working with healthcare partners in the area and participating in the Accelerate South program," says ThinkGenetic CEO Dave Jacob. "ThinkGenetic is thrilled to be officially establishing our Lafayette office to bring greater awareness and education about genetic conditions to the community in 2021. Through this office we will continue to build important relationships with the local healthcare systems, advocacy groups, and providers."

The Healthcare Innovation Fund II (HIF II) is a corporate venture fund that supports emerging companies driving transformation and innovation in health care. HIF II's approach is highly collaborative with a mission to catalyze fundamental transformation in US healthcare through investments in companies that are delivering transformative and innovative solutions in patient care and experience, value based payments, back office automation, and data coupled with deep learning.

"ThinkGenetic's SymptomMatcher solution check's all of our mission boxes," said Mike Dozier, VP/CIO at Ochsner Lafayette General. "By identifying undiagnosed patients with rare genetic conditions via algorithmic analysis of health record data, their solution improves the patient experience, and allows the health system to reach out and direct patients to the right care, to the right person at the right time."

Expanding its relationship with the Lafayette community, ThinkGenetic has established its regional headquarters in the city and plans to utilize the additional resources to finish building out its specialized algorithms for identifying potential patients with underlying genetic disorders based on specific health care record data points. ThinkGenetic plans to use the funds to expand its range of services and personnel, create new partnerships and develop new cutting-edge technology to complement current offerings. In addition, the new relationship with Ochsner Lafayette General will bring new services to Louisiana including clinical trials and electronic medical record reviews.

To stay up to date on the latest business developments of ThinkGenetic and the company's progress in Lafayette, please visit https://www.thinkgenetic.com/lafayette or follow us on social media using @ThinkGenetic.

Source: ThinkGenetic, Inc.