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The health benefits of juicing celery are enormous. Celery juice and juicer recipes into your daily diet can not only improve long term health but also encourage weight loss. Maximize the benefits of juicing and give your body best honesty.

Essex, UK, March 08, 2010 - Based on Single Gear Cold Press Juicing technology, Oscar's revolutionary product, "Living Juicer" has already started capturing the market. This product has been tested by Australia's leading consumer authority Choice in October 2007, and claimed as the best in terms of retaining higher nutritional value compared to any other juicer in the market. Having been distributed for 15 years by "Vitality 4 Life", the founder - Roger Akins has been instrumental in launching and distributing the product since then.

"Vitality 4 Life" has introduced the concept of single gear, cold-press extractors to the western countries and Australia, UK, Europe, Canada, USA and New Zealand as well. "The most fundamental action a person can take that will dramatically increase their vitality is to increase the amount of Living Food and Pure Water they consume." states Roger Akins, founder of Vitality 4 Life.

Coupled with three models of living juicer, Baby Oscar DA-502, Oscar Vital Max DA-900, Hurom Oscar 930 Pro respectively, this product has much more to offer than any other juicer available in the market. The major difference that stands Oscar Living Juicer apart from the crowd of other juicers is its cold press juicing technology.

Most of the juicers available in the market are Centrifugal Juicers, in which high speed blades are used which destroy the living enzymes. The juice from centrifugal juicers oxidizes and segregates causing fast deterioration of vital nutrients and enzymes.
The Oscar juicer functions on "Single Gear" Cold Press Juicing technology, pioneered by the Oscar brand. This "mortar & pestle" cold press juicing action extracts a substantially higher nutritional value than centrifugal juicers.
The Oscar Living Juicer is a revolutionary and user-friendly product that's widely acclaimed for being simple to use and even easier to clean, offering optimal nutritional value and maximum quantity of juice.

This product becomes yet more relevant in the present scenario where wrong eating habits, uncertain lifestyle and other health factors are out to diminish our lives. Under these circumstances Oscar Living Juicer has appeared as remedial appliance to hand over the reins of our health and life in our control by making an enzyme rich living juice accessible to common people.

Trusting a brand name that has been serving the globe for 15 years is the best bet to utilize your resources and money in an optimum possible way to combat the upcoming threats of health issues in the present scenario.

About Oscar Living Juicer

Basking in the glory of having pioneered the introduction of "Single Gear" Cold Press Juice extractors, "Oscar Living Juicer" is a leading company offering healthy living by optimizing the benefits of juicing and providing your body optimum goodness. Its new advent "Cold Press Juicing" is getting wide exposure across the globe for providing juice that holds at least double the nutrients and living enzymes compare to other juices available in the market.

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