"Hurom Oscar 930 Pro", Oscar Living Juicer The Best Fit For Small Family

The health benefits of juicing extractor are enormous. Juicer recipes and juice nutrient into your daily diet can not only improve health but also support weight loss. Make the most of the benefits of juicing and give your body best honesty.

Essex, UK, March 19, 2010 - "Hurom Oscar 930 Pro the compact and versatile juicer of Oscar Living Juicer, encompasses all kinds of features and functionalities and is suitable for all situations from the commercial juicing environment to small families. Specifically designed for faster juicing, Hurom Oscar 930 Pro juicer comes for £395.

Compared to other traditional centrifugal speed juicer, Hurom Oscar 930 Pro juicer retains 60% more nutrients in the juice extracted. With 70 rpm Single phase induction motor along with a capacitor and cooling fan, this commercial juicer is also easy to clean and use. It is the ultimate drink making machine and can make delicious soy drinks, rice, bean and nut drinks and many others without diminishing their natural flavor and nutrition. With 20 year warranty on motor and 5 year on other parts, it is ideal for family use.

Functioning on Single Gear Cold Press Juicing technology, Hurom Oscar 930 Pro juicer is user friendly and most effective juicer to satisfy all the needs of a family pertaining to better and healthy living.

Apart from juicing vegetables and fruits, juice of sprouts is also rich sources of nutrients which must be considered as an imperative part of daily dietary. 'The healing qualities of sprouts especially when juiced are evident, as sprouts are the most alive of the living foods'. Dr Brian R. Clement, Director Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida, USA, states.

It is no wonder if this product has been considered as a household and also commercial appliance considering its low cost and high effectiveness pertaining to functionalities and usages.

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