Orlando Marketing Agency Builds Website for Law Office of Kyle Watkins

Orlando Internet marketing company authenticWEB recently launched a new site for Kyle Watkins, a criminal defense attorney serving Bell County, Texas, and the surrounding area. An experienced criminal defense attorney, he specializes in criminal defense, DWI, military law and vehicular crimes. Kyle had no web presence, giving authenticWEB the chance to build his law practice, digitally, from the ground up.

Looking for a lawyer can be complicated, so authenticWEB tried to make the process as easy as possible online. The website has an informational, long scrolling design that allows for maximum information retention through real-life storytelling. The goal of the website is to convert and find new clients in need of the services Kyle provides. The website is completely mobile-compatible, making searching on-the-go as easy as searching at home.

The informational goals of the website were taken one step further with the addition of videos featuring Kyle himself. Kyle is then able to give first-hand accounts of his legal process, and introduce himself to potential clients long before a face-to-face meeting. With easy-to-read tabs, clear and understandable video and the ability to get information on-the-go, Kyle’s website is made for clients and getting them the information they need.

About Kyle Watkins:

Kyle began his law career in criminal defense. His experiences in and out of the courtroom have given him the skills he needs to defend his clients and have also made him a regular guest lecturer at numerous law schools. Kyle can find the weaknesses in the State’s case, use that information to the Client’s advantage in pretrial discussions with the Prosecutor, all with the unspoken understanding that Kyle is ready, willing and able to provide a highly effective, vigorous trial defense for his client if the Prosecution is unwilling to provide no other reasonable alternative.

About authenticWEB:

authenticWEB was started by Ian Garlic and Jessica Curry — fueled by the idea that businesses could evolve and grow through the web. They realized that every small business has a unique story, and unique value to its clients. They also saw that most marketing professionals often treat businesses like products. In doing so, these marketing professionals lose opportunities, and find themselves unable to convey the business's message.

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