Orange County Solar Power Installers Provide Businesses With Easy Environmental Solutions

The noted Orange County solar power professionals offer commercial solar power and electric vehicle installation services, with an emphasis on businesses like hotels, car washes, and car dealerships in Orange County

Orange County house with solar panels

REPOWER OC, a family-owned and operated business, commits itself to help the environment and reducing business owners' utility bills.

Solar power installers help businesses and homeowners outfit their properties with state-of-the-art solar panels.

And now is the time for commercial and residential solar to take hold. The federal solar tax credit was extended in August 2022 and raised to 30%.

And solar power in California allows clients to save money, with an added benefit: "If a business owner generates enough of their own solar power, they build up credit with SCE," says owner Eddie McLaughlin.

McLaughlin states that businesses who adopt solar make their ROI within five years. How do experts at REPOWER OC make it happen?

REPOWER OC Solar Power: How It Works

The entire solar panel installation process couldn't be more straightforward or less intrusive for business owners. 

After consulting with business owners, the team creates a unique design based on the property. After solar panel installation is underway, the owner won't need to wait long. Once the REPOWER OC team puts the finishing touches on the solar panel installation, they inspect it and turn it on. 

All clients need to do next is watch their utility bills shrink.

"And don't worry; we take care of all the paperwork. We'll be in contact with your city to ensure everything is up to code. In short, we'll worry about the particulars," McLaughlin assures clients.

Save Money, Save The Environment

It's clear that installing solar panels in Orange County is a big benefit for homeowners and businesses, if not just for the reduction in utility bills. A perhaps unforeseen benefit is the trend of solar panels positively impacting property value

"Solar panels are a good investment, and with the tax rebates that have been set up by the federal government, the cost of having these panels is much lower than it has been in the past," says McLaughlin.

But one of the biggest benefits of solar panels in Orange County is the shift toward environmental sustainability. Business owners, in particular, can shine.

REPOWER OC says it best, calling on commercial business owners: "Save money to reinvest in your business and highlight your company's commitment to sustainability."

And with REPOWER OC, Orange County business owners will do just that.


REPOWER OC is a team of Orange County solar professionals led by owner Eddie 'The Big Guy' McLaughlin and installation partner Robert Baghdasarian.

With a business model based on saving Orange County residents money, REPOWER OC is dedicated to helping businesses grow with solar power in Orange County.

For more information, visit REPOWER OC's website.



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