ORAL I.V., Inc. Announces Sales and Marketing Partnership With PHARMALYNK™

ORAL I.V., Inc. announces a partnership with PHARMALYNK to expand further into the health and wellness market through their large network of 200+ pharmacies in major California cities.

ORAL I.V. 4-pack

ORAL I.V., Inc., the creator of one of the only all-natural, sugar-free, stimulant-free and zero calorie hydration aids on the market, launches its ORAL I.V. Rapid Hydration Activator product into over 200 of the PHARMALYNK network of affiliated pharmacies in major city markets across California. This is a big move toward growing ORAL I.V.’s customer base in the Health & Wellness market, making ORAL I.V. even more accessible in retail stores.

“We are excited to join PHARMALYNK’s affiliated network of 200+ pharmacies to expand our reach to those consumers looking for a healthier way to hydrate,” said Bob Jones, CEO of ORAL I.V., Inc. “ORAL I.V. has always been used in sports and fitness, especially by elite athletes; and now it’s becoming more recognized as a healthy and effective way to stay hydrated on a daily basis.”

We are excited to join PHARMALYNK's affiliated network of 200+ pharmacies to expand our reach to those consumers looking for a healthier way to hydrate.

Bob Jones, CEO

2017 will be an even greater year of expansion for ORAL I.V., Inc., which has already seen 100% growth year after year. This move to sell its product through pharmacies, with the support of educated pharmacists, aligns with ORAL I.V., Inc.’s distribution strategy to meet the demand of its all-natural hydration product as a daily hydration supplement from which everyone, young and old, can benefit.

"We are ecstatic to announce our new partnership with ORAL I.V., Inc. In the near term, we are actively marketing and rolling-out ORAL I.V. into 200+ Independent Pharmacies across the most affluent cities in California,” said Lalit Sorathia, Co-Founder & CEO of PHARMALYNK™. “We have worked with a wide array of health products, but what makes ORAL I.V unique is its all-natural formula which is designed to improve the body’s ability to hydrate. ORAL I.V. is a perfect fit for our health-conscious consumers. They have been flying off our shelves!"

Consumers are becoming more educated and increasingly aware of ingredients contained in their products, avoiding those with sugars and artificial ingredients. Hydration is important to overall health and consumers are demanding healthier hydration products. As this demand grows, ORAL I.V., Inc. plans to make ORAL I.V. Rapid Hydration Activator a daily part of everyone’s lifestyle.

For years, ORAL I.V. has been used by the elite members of the U.S. military, NFL athletes, professional runners and Olympic athletes. These markets, with their rigorous on-the-job standards for physical and mental performance, have truly put the product to the test. With its introduction and availability to the health and wellness market, consumers can now incorporate ORAL I.V. into their daily health regime.

ORAL I.V. is an all-natural rapid hydration activator that leverages natural science and does not contain any sugars, caffeine or stimulants, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind. It contains 11 crystalloid electrolytes and trace minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, iron, copper, selenium, and zinc mixed with structured water.

The powerful formula works together with water to improve the body’s ability to hydrate efficiently and effectively. ORAL I.V. works to keep the everyday person to the top athlete hydrated, and can aid in preventing injury, heat exhaustion and avoiding the harmful effects of dehydration.

Visit www.oraliv.com/apps/store-locator to find a retail location near you. Interested individuals can also LIVE LIFE BETTER hydrated by shopping for ORAL I.V. Rapid Hydration Activator online at www.oraliv.com.

About ORAL I.V., Inc.

ORAL I.V. Inc. launched in 2014 as a hydration company, with its namesake product carving a niche that focused on 100% natural and rapid hydration. Its high portability and effectiveness saw it quickly adopted by military and survivalists, and gained momentum in the sports and athletic market particularly with OCR athletes. ORAL I.V. is a hydration aid that should be taken daily for optimal hydration and health. Top athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday consumers rely on ORAL I.V. to sustain their lifestyles. Now with its product named ORAL I.V. Rapid Hydration Activator, the company is focused on furthering its success in fitness & athletics, with outdoor enthusiasts, and deeper into the health & wellness market. ORAL I.V. is dedicated to spreading the philosophy to LIVE LIFE BETTER HYDRATED, changing the way consumers view hydration and their health.


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Source: ORAL I.V., Inc.