ORAL I.V. 2 Ounce Rapid Hydration Activator Shot Launches in 120 Military-Based GNC Stores

ORAL I.V., Inc. further reinforces its rapid sales expansion and deepens its hold as a premium health and wellness product with its launch in GNC


ORAL I.V., Inc. the creator of the only all-natural, sugar-free, 2-ounce rapid hydration activator shot, further reinforces its position in the health and wellness market with its launch at GNC, a global health and wellness brand.

The product was formulated to allow military Special Forces to stay hydrated during extreme conditions. This new venture with GNC advances ORAL I.V.’s mission to make hydration available and accessible to U.S. troops at 120 military-based GNC locations.

While most hydration formulas attempt to replace large amounts of fluid and electrolytes, ORAL I.V. is designed to aid the body’s utilization of water by rapidly activating its capacity to hydrate on a cellular level. Optimal hydration not only helps performance during physical activity but can also alleviate muscle cramping and nausea associated with dehydration.

“This partnership allows us to support our American warriors who train and do battle in the harshest conditions on the planet. It's insanely hot, shockingly arid, and completely unforgiving. If these brave men and women become dehydrated, their bodies will fail them and we're not about to let that happen.” said Bob Jones, CEO of ORAL I.V., Inc. “Adding to that is GNC’s commitment to provide their customers with innovative and premium products which has allowed them to maintain their foothold in the health and wellness industry. This makes them a valuable and strategic partner for ORAL I.V.”

“It was an easy choice to add ORAL I.V. to GNC’s product portfolio as the brand aligns seamlessly with GNC’s mission to motivate and support the desire to live well every day,” said Allen McClard, SVP and Chief Merchandising Officer of GNC. “We are thrilled to offer ORAL I.V. in our stores to allow our consumers and U.S. troops to rehydrate and re-energize throughout their everyday routines.”

For years, ORAL I.V. has been used by NFL athletes, NASCAR drivers, UFC fighters and thousands of elite competitors. Endorsed by health and fitness gurus like nutrition and performance advocate Ben Greenfield, ORAL I.V. has gained traction with an even broader audience as a daily hydration booster for everyone. Hydration has been proven to be important to overall optimal health and consumers at large are demanding healthier hydration products.

To find Oral I.V. at a GNC store nearby, visit our store locator: Oraliv.com/store-locator.

About ORAL IV, Inc.

In 2014, ORAL I.V. launched as a hydration company with a namesake product, effectively creating a new niche in all-natural rapid hydration. Because of its unique, proprietary formulation, free of caffeine, sugars, stimulants, and artificial ingredients, ORAL I.V. quickly gained momentum among professional athletes, the military, and wellness enthusiasts. ORAL I.V. is deeply committed to reshaping the way people understand their body’s hydration process and the link between optimal health and proper hydration. To learn more about ORAL I.V., visit www.oraliv.com.

About GNC Holdings Inc.

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Source: ORAL IV, Inc.