Optimize Health Releases New Remote Care Platform That Centralizes Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management, Principal Care Management Into One Solution

New remote care platform enables healthcare providers to enroll and treat patients across remote care programs as they cycle in and out of acute and chronic care needs.

Optimize Health, a leader in the rapidly growing remote care industry, today announced the release of their new remote care platform, a groundbreaking solution that centralizes remote patient monitoring (RPM), chronic care management (CCM), principal care management (PCM) into a single solution. With this new platform, Optimize Health enables providers to seamlessly enroll and care for patients across remote care programs and monitor patients' health between office visits. Their solution provides a panoramic view of patient health and helps improve patient outcomes while reducing the cost of treating chronic conditions, including hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, and more. 

The platform was developed specifically for clinical environments, and Optimize Health continues to be led by a clinical advisory board of 10+ physicians. 

Capabilities of Optimize Health's Remote Care Platform

Optimize Health's new platform delivers new innovations, including:

  • Vitals Dashboard: Patient readings are categorized by criticality and averaged to easily track patients' health and results over time.
  • Real-Time Revenue KPIs: Each month's projected revenue is automatically calculated based on patient enrollment and adherence per CPT code.
  • Patient Communications Center: In-platform communications centralizes and logs SMS messages and phone calls between patients and providers. 
  • Friends, Family, and Caregivers: Easily activate patients' entire support network by seamlessly adding them to communications.
  • Global Search: Platform queries multiple fields in milliseconds and searches for patients by name, DOB, EHR ID, phone number, email, or Friends, Family, or Caregivers, and hundreds of other fields.

"We have long understood that providers need a technology platform that allows them to deliver care the way that reflects how patients' needs can quickly change, not based on what tools or software they have," said Todd Haedrich, CEO of Optimize Health. "Our remote care platform allows physicians to seamlessly enroll patients into remote patient monitoring or chronic care management programs as health needs shift, resulting in streamlined care plan management, a better patient experience, and better technology experience for entire care teams."

In 2022, Optimize Health announced their entry into Panda Health's Marketplace and athenahealth's Marketplace for their remote care solutions. They also achieved HITRUST Certification for their software and technology that have met industry-leading standards for data encryption, threat management, monitoring and security practices. 

About Optimize Health

Optimize Health is a market leader in remote care solutions, helping provider groups across the country deliver high-quality care beyond the practice walls. Through a powerful combination of leading platform technology, managed services, and expert support, we help clients and patients build deeper bonds outside of the office visit and unlock better outcomes, faster. To learn more, please visit: www.optimize.health.

Source: Optimize Health