onShore Security Launches New Podcast - onSecurity

onShore Security is launching a brand-new podcast called onSecurity. Hosts Stel Valavanis, CEO at onShore Security, and Josh Eklow, Marketing Manager at onShore, will explore a variety of topics in the cybersecurity field. These 30-minute episodes will feature guests who will provide unique perspectives into the chosen topic of discussion; topics include automation in cybersecurity, governance and compliance, endpoint security, and many more cybersecurity-focused discussions. The first six episodes are available today in both audio and video formats.

Stel says of the podcast, "As you can imagine, we consume lots of podcasts and they're great. But lots of voices aren't heard, and when there are interviews, they lean toward personal experience. We wanted to cover topics and keep it focused, so we launched our own."

Eklow adds, "Making this podcast has been something I've wanted to do for years, and I'm really glad we're in a position to make it happen, in an organic, 'onShore' way. Since I entered the industry, I've been fascinated by the conversations I've had and heard in our offices, between our leaders, experts, and associates. With our podcast, we will strive to open that conversation up, engage with the community, and continue to explore the space."

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About onShore Security

Founded in 1991, onShore Security is one of only a handful of managed cybersecurity providers, nationwide, that provide 24/7 real-time monitoring, correlation, and analysis of organization-wide, full-telemetry network data. onShore Security offerings fall into three groups: Panoptic Cyberdefense® SOC, Managed Security Solutions, and Cybersecurity Leadership. They collect an extensive range of telemetry including logs from your systems, IDS on your site, cloud-placed sensors, netflow collectors, firewalls, network devices including encrypted payloads, and correlate this data to achieve an end-to-end security view. onShore Security specializes in banks, handling large regional institutions.

For more news and information on onShore, please visit www.onshore.com.

Source: onShore Security