onShore Security Expands Innovative Use of Elastic Stack in Developing Next-Generation Cybersecurity Offerings

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In an industry-leading advancement, onShore Security, one of the nation's top Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers, is leveraging its long-standing partnership with Elastic, creators of Elasticsearch and its related suite of solutions in the Elastic Stack, to create a next-level cybersecurity service. The move positions onShore Security's customers across Banking and Financial Services, Construction, Education, and Healthcare ahead of the competition in terms of threat detection and protection.

"With the new Elastic functionality, we have greatly enhanced our ability to perform threat modeling across client telemetry while maintaining full client data segmentation and role-based controls," said Steven Kent, CTO onShore Security. "We also gain access to additional machine learning algorithms which improves our ability to baseline security alert and event data such that more of the data becomes a useful signal. At the end of the day, this greater holistic view of network behavior is about earlier detection and greater demonstration of compliance and performance."

In addition to today's announced heightened security offerings, onShore Security's analysts also utilize Elastic's tools, including Elasticsearch and Kibana, as part of the company's ongoing best-in-business Managed Detection and Response. The company's proprietary platform Panoptic Cyberdefense®, built on Elastic technology, performs threat hunting, endpoint security, SIEM, monitoring, and other additional complex functions. 

"Never has it been more critical for organizations to move beyond the status quo in terms of security posture," said Stel Valavanis, CEO and founder of onShore Security. "The dangers posed by state-sponsored cybercriminals are quickly outpacing the capabilities merely off-the-shelf and stagnant strategies provide. onShore Security's commitment to innovation incorporating the highest, most proprietary level of Elastic technology empowers our team with the latest tools and functions necessary to keep today's increasingly sophisticated rogue forces at bay."

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Founded in 1991, onShore Security is a leading Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider, one of only a handful of managed cybersecurity firms nationwide that performs 24/7 real-time monitoring, correlation, and analysis of organization-wide, full telemetry network data. The core of this defense is onShore's U.S.-based live monitoring team of expert analysts equipped with the industry's most innovative proprietary security tools and processes. Leading organizations in heavily regulated and compliance-driven sectors ranging across Banking and Financial Services, Construction, Education, Government Services, and Healthcare depend on onShore Security to keep their assets safe and to maintain a security posture that remains ahead of the marketplace and cyber criminals. Learn more at onShore.com.

Source: onShore Security