Online Ticket Exchange To End FIFA Ticket Choas

A new Website seeks to end ticket concerns,and to give fans the opportunity to transfer tickets in a safe manner at the Soccer World Cup in South Africa

Recent days have seen mounting criticism on FIFA's ticketing policy. With World Cup Soccer fever in full swing, a new World Cup social network Internet site,, has been launched.

Socoza has been especially created for the World Cup to provide a one-stop portal to soccer fans to transfer tickets. The transfer of tickets will go a long way to reducing the no shows of fans and the embarrassing empty seats seen in stadiums over the week-end.

The site has a feature rich ticket swap and exchange forum for fans to list their unwanted tickets and to transfer them to another guest. The fans can email each other and can discuss the ticket transfer between themselves. Socoza also has real-time updated information on sports betting, player and team stats and news and video highlights.

With thousands of overseas fans looking with anticipation at the outcome of the group stages of the tournament, it is expected that there will be a huge spike in ticket transfers to overseas fans for the Round of 16 Matches which start on June 26.

FIFA ticketing transfer policies have been criticized for being onerous and involving too much red tape. Earlier in 2010, the Vancouver Olympic committee sanctioned a fan-to-fan ticket portal for the transfer of tickets. Socoza has taken its cue from the Vancouver Olympic site, while recommending that users abide by the FIFA rules.

Registration to the site is free, with a ZAR100 (approx $13) upgrade option. Users can list their tickets and email each other in a safe and secure online environment.

Users can search for tickets offered or wanted by match, date or venue, and are alerted by email or sms when a matching ticket, offered or wanted, is posted. Fans can then contact each other online and can discuss the transfer and see if they want to, and are eligible to transfer their tickets. Those fans searching for a ticket to their favorite match will certainly find the quick search feature to be the best way to find a ticket to their favorite match.

The site also provides a feature rich news and video section, and a sports betting portal where the most updated odds for all the world's major betting sites can be found, with quick links to place sports gaming.

There is also a Directory section, were South African businesses can still list themselves so that international visitors can find services such as restaurants, transport, leisure activities and entertainment events. Obtaining a listing on is free and all businesses and service providers are open to list their details on the world cup portal.

The word "socoza", means "to thrive" in Zulu, is also a play on the word "soccer" and South Africa's' internet domain With World Cup soccer fever, fans are expected to keep at the top of their website favorites list for the next month.