Internet Portal and Online Ticket Exchange Launched for World Cup 2010.

Socoza has launched a new website to provide all World Cup soccer fans with all resources in one centralized internet portal. A ticket exchange forum has been created to search for tickets offered and wanted. The Socoza Portal will prove to be an ind

May 13, 2010 - Johannesburg, May 12, 2010 - With World Cup Soccer fever in the air, and now less than a month away, a new World Cup Soccer Internet Portal was launched on Wednesday 12 April. The new website, called has been especially created for the World Cup to provide a one-stop portal to fans around the world and those attending the FIFA world Cup 2010 in South Africa.
The site has a feature rich ticket swap and exchange forum where fans can register their tickets to exchange or swap in a safe and secure environment. Registration to the site is free. Users can search for tickets offered or wanted by match date or venue, and can even be alerted when a matching ticket offered or wanted is posted. Those fans searching for a ticket to their favorite match will certainly find the quick search feature to be more preferable than scanning through endless classified ads for the appropriate ticket.

The site is feature rich and goes beyond a mere bulletin board. Users can communicate with each other in a secure email environment and can obtain guidance in how to exchange their tickets in line with the FIFA ticket regulations.

The site also provides an online World Cup 2010 Directory were South African businesses can list themselves so that international visitors can find services such as restaurants, transport, leisure activities and entertainment events. Obtaining a listing on is free and all businesses and service providers are open to list their details on the world cup portal.

The site also offers many other exciting features such as a video clip sharing on the blog section, where clips can be uploaded and viewed. The word "socoza", which means "to thrive" in Zulu, is also a play on the word "soccer" and South Africa's' internet domain

Socoza has developed a toolbar which can be installed on any internet browser. The toolbar will have quick links to all World Cup information, live feeds to ticket availability, access to local and international radio and TV , and can be customized with a host of personalized widgets such as translation tools, weather forecast, and entertainment venue information.

With FIFA World Cup soccer fever mounting, fans are expected to keep at the top of their website favorites list for the next two months. The World Cup ticket exchange website and directory was designed by Rodoyo™ Web Development.

Jeff Cramer, director of public relations
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Socoza is a complete internet Portal developed to give South African and foreign tourist and comprehensive website to provide essential information ranging from ticket sales, swapping, directories, news and blogs.