Online Canadian Pharmacies Benefitting Americans Without Insurance

Access to More Affordable Medication Helps Those Sensitive to Rx Med Costs

The US CDC estimates that around 64% of working-aged Americans (under 65) have private health insurance. The peace of mind that comes from knowing they don't have to assume all out-of-pocket costs for prescription medication is something they will be thankful to have. This is especially true of people with chronic health conditions and need to fill prescriptions on an ongoing basis. Many of the drugs needed to manage diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism and other conditions are expensive, but an online Canadian pharmacy like Canada Pharmacy can provide the savings people need.

Individuals who do not have private health insurance are going to be more affected by the high costs of prescription drugs in America, and obviously more so than someone who is in that 64% group with private health insurance. It has been estimated that around 19 million Americans import medication to save money, and that works out to about 8% of the population. It is safe to assume that a large portion of that group are the ones who are ordering drugs online from Canada. This is to make it so that their cost is not so high that it becomes difficult to afford needed medications.

There is much more in the way of regulations on the pharmaceutical industry in Canada, including caps on how high a drug can be priced and the industry as a whole is not geared primarily for profit quite to the same extent it is in America. There is more to it than that, but the only big-picture understanding that many Americans - ones with OR without health insurance - may want to know is they can pay less for drugs, and if ordering from online Canadian pharmacies is the best way to do that. Keep in mind as well that fewer medications are covered under Medicare Part D in the USA.

Americans without health insurance are encouraged to look into what they would pay ordering their medication from Canada. Those who have private insurance that lowers what they pay for prescription drugs may want to do the same, and customers can verify the reputability of any online pharmacy in Canada by using the CIPA-certified online pharmacy checker.

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Canada Pharmacy is a Canadian online pharmacy among those recommended for Americans who shop at a pharmacy in Canada to save money on medications. It is able to source medications in a way that allows for the best prices on prescription drugs from Canada. All orders require a prescription and are dispensed by a licensed pharmacist, in the same way it would be with any pharmacy in America. Pay less when you order drugs online from Canada.

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