Eroxon, FDA Approved for Topical Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, Now Available From Canada Pharmacy

Non-prescription gel goes on topically to counter erectile dysfunction and is an OTC alternative to Viagra.

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As an OTC alternative to Viagra and Cialis, Eroxon was US FDA-approved on June 13, 2023, and is available from both storefront and online pharmacies, including Canada Pharmacy and others in Canada, which can offer a lower price on Eroxon. 

Eroxon, which comes in single-dose tubes of gel, is also expected to be a comparatively affordable erectile dysfunction treatment. Eroxon received approval in the European Union as a Class 2B medical device in April 2021.

Eroxon is a topical gel with a different mechanism of action compared to these other ED treatment meds. It works with a combination of solvents that evaporate quickly to promote a cooling-to-warming effect, resulting in more nitric oxide relaxing smooth muscle tissue. This enhances blood flow, and it is claimed that Eroxon will take effect within 10 minutes of application. 

US residents are increasingly having prescriptions filled in Canada because of the lower costs for prescription medications. This also applies to OTC products, including Eroxon, as it is becoming more available in America.

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