Ongage Integrates PowerDesign's Smart AI Design Tool, Simplifying Campaign Design and Improving Conversion for Email Marketers

Ongage is proud to announce a new partnership with automated campaign design technology company, PowerDesign.

The Ongage platform improves email marketing campaign management by providing a single powerful front-end dashboard to manage all email marketing needs. With Ongage, companies of all sizes can instantly add dynamic content, improve segmentation and launch automated campaigns. PowerDesign uses machine learning technology in order to simplify email design, reducing time spend designing campaigns and increasing conversion and engagement thanks to stunning designs that work.

Thanks to the integration with PowerDesign, Ongage customers across all industries will be able to improve email design capabilities with ease, launching campaigns designed to maximize conversions and meet internal company KPIs.

According to Danny Tal, VP Business Development of Ongage, “We have an ongoing commitment to our customers, and that is to continually provide them with integrations that simplify campaign management, maximize engagement and increase conversion. PowerDesign does exactly that. Our users will be able to reduce time spent designing campaigns, relying instead on technology to provide them with the templates most likely to convert, creating a true win-win-win situation.”

“We are proud to integrate with Ongage and are confident that our advanced machine learning technology will help email marketers create visually stunning designs that continually maximize campaign performance,” said Motti Nisani, CEO of PowerDesign.

About Ongage (

Ongage is a leading front-end email marketing platform designed to simplify campaign management for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Ongage was designed to improve campaign effectiveness, reduce sending-costs, automate email marketing tasks, and more. With Ongage, marketers can easily test, select and use multiple delivery vendors to ensure that each campaign meets their business needs and budget. Ongage is committed to continually improving the capabilities of their email marketing platform, and routinely integrates with third-party vendors as part of that commitment.

About PowerDesign (

PowerDesign is a smart design engine that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to instantly design email marketing campaigns that maximize conversion and engagement. PowerDesign offers multiple design choices based on advanced insight into email recipient behavior, making it an optimal tool that offers different design choices.

Producing content for email marketing is a tedious process. Professional skills and many A/B testing are required to achieve high-performing campaigns. Using machine learning and genetics algorithms, PowerDesign technology can relieve the load from marketers and small-business owners.

The PowerDesign engine continually learns what are the best performing designs and produces new mutations to optimize performance. The marketer enters content (text and images) to the engine, and the engine designs in return the best performing and visual attractive emails.

Source: Ongage

About Ongage

Ongage is an advanced email marketing platform designed to improve campaign effectiveness by providing a feature-rich dashboard, while offering seamless access to top-tier SMTP delivery vendors such as Amazon SES, Dyn, Mailgun and SparkPost


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