Ongage and Pepipost Integration Enables Non-Developers to Leverage the Power of the AI-Based Email Delivery Service With Ease

Leading email marketing platform Ongage is proud to announce a new partnership with AI-powered email delivery service Pepipost.

Ongage revolutionized email marketing by separating the front-end of campaign management from the back-end delivery vendors. By doing so, it provides email marketers the ability to use top-tier SMTP delivery vendors and on-premise MTAs, all the while enjoying a full range of marketing capabilities. Ongage offers an array of plug-and-play integrations as well as advanced segmentation, automated campaign management tools and more.

Pepipost is an Artificial Intelligence-based email delivery solution designed by developers for developers. Pepipost provides a powerful API for email delivery that developers can leverage into a top-tier email marketing solution. Pepipost uses AI and Machine Learning to maximize email deliverability and improve campaign effectiveness. 

Prior to the integration, non-developers were unable to take advantage of the high speed and high deliverability rates of Pepipost. Thanks to this new integration, joint customers will be able to easily connect with Pepipost and use Ongage to manage lists, segmentation, reports and other email marketing needs.

“Integrating with top-tier SMTPs like Pepipost and providing email marketers the ability to enjoy high deliverability is exactly why Ongage was created. Our email marketing platform provides email marketers the tools they need to manage campaigns and now they can choose Pepipost as their SMTP provider, improving deliverability and inbox placement with ease,” said Danny Tal, chief revenue officer of Ongage.

“Pepipost has always believed in helping good email senders become great. We are happy to integrate with a trusted email marketing platform like Ongage to provide their good senders a great inbox experience,” said Tanishq Juneja, The Emailguy and Pepipost CEO.

About Ongage (

Ongage is a leading front-end email marketing platform designed to simplify campaign management for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Ongage was designed to drive growth, improve campaign effectiveness, automate email marketing tasks and more. With Ongage, marketers can easily test, select and use multiple delivery vendors to ensure that each campaign meets their business needs and budget. Ongage is committed to continually improving the capabilities of their email marketing platform and routinely integrates with third-party vendors as part of that commitment.

About Pepipost (

Pepipost is an AI-powered email delivery service, built by developers for developers. Our APIs integrate into an existing website, app or marketing automation platform to deliver emails to the inbox. Built on the philosophy of creating a clean email ecosystem, Pepipost is the world's only delivery vendor that doesn't charge for emails opened.

Source: Ongage

About Ongage

Ongage is an advanced email marketing platform designed to improve campaign effectiveness by providing a feature-rich dashboard, while offering seamless access to top-tier SMTP delivery vendors such as Amazon SES, Dyn, Mailgun and SparkPost


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