OneShare Health Welcomes Courtney Traylor as Chief Financial Officer

Texas-Based Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry Expands Its Leadership Team to Include Former CFO for the Arkansas Department of Commerce

​​OneShare Health is pleased to welcome Courtney Traylor to its distinguished Leadership Team. As the Chief Financial Officer, Traylor will support CEO Alex Cardona and oversee the financial needs of the company.

For over 28 years, Traylor has worked in accounting and finance. She began her professional career in public accounting and later worked at five different hospitals in areas such as payroll, fixed assets, cost accounting, and general accounting.

Afterward, while working at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, WA, Traylor decided to follow a colleague who had gone to work at a health care software company, where she remained for 15 years. 

“That took me out of the accounting department,” said Traylor, “and I worked directly for the operations side of the business, which exposed me to some great innovators, processes, and thinkers.”

After relocating back to her home state of Arkansas, Traylor worked as a contractor for the Arkansas Insurance Department and as CFO for the Healthcare Marketplace rollout. Later, in October 2014, she was appointed Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the Arkansas Insurance Department, serving alongside former Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Allen Kerr—now the Senior Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at OneShare.

Prior to assuming her role at OneShare Health, Traylor served as the Chief Financial Officer for the Arkansas Department of Commerce from 2019 to 2020. Regarding her time at the Department of Commerce, Traylor said she is most proud of the improvements that were made to the Insurance Department’s accounting processes and tools, which contributed over $1.5 million to state general revenue in just four years. She said that while she has enjoyed working for the State for the past five years, she is excited to get back into the private sector.

Speaking to her leadership style, Traylor said she believes in a collaborative approach to solving business problems and that special emphasis must be placed on understanding the business as a whole.

“There are many great people I’ve learned from who have helped shaped my work ethic and how I approach my professional life,” said Traylor. “I’m grateful they shared their knowledge and insights with me. We operate better when we work together.”

Encouraged by what she deems “the integrity of OneShare Health’s Mission” and its strong leadership, Traylor joined OneShare’s Leadership Team in August. During her tenure as OneShare Health’s Chief Financial Officer, she said her hope is to add value to the team, provide opportunities for others, and to lead by example.

“What drives me personally and professionally is affordable access to health care for all,” said Traylor, “and the products that OneShare Health offers fit that mission. Christian values are also the foundation for everything I do, so the combination of providing a more affordable option to health care in a Christian environment is an ideal place where I can continue to grow personally and professionally while in the company of some very talented people.” 

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About OneShare Health: OneShare Health is an ACA-exempt, non-profit, Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) based in Irving, Texas, that facilitates the sharing of medical expenses among individuals and families who are united by a set of shared religious beliefs. Health care sharing ministries are not traditional health insurance and do not accept risk or make guarantees regarding payment of bills submitted by Members.

Source: OneShare Health