OneShare Health Announces December 1Share For OneShare Partner Charity

Christian HCSM Teams Up with California-Based Charity to Fulfill Christmas Wishes of Local Families in Need

​​​​​​​​​​This holiday season, OneShare Health and Operation Santa Claus (OSC) of Daly City, CA, have teamed up to deliver Christmas presents to the underserved families of the Daly City/Colma/Broadmoor areas. 

Operation Santa Claus was founded 71 years ago by a community of first responders and civil workers who witnessed the day-to-day hardships within the Daly City community. According to Jennifer Linale, OSC Secretary, these individuals all felt a strong desire to lighten the load of community members and bring a smile to a child's face.

“The mission of Operation Santa Claus is grassroots,” said Linale. “We identify the families that are struggling in our community and are facing a cold, quiet holiday. We gather community volunteers and handpick toys that will bring cheer and excitement to the children of the family during the holiday season.”

This year, OSC has witnessed an outpouring of support by the Daly City community, both in a volunteer capacity and in donations of unwrapped gifts for the youth. The delivery of the gifts will take place on Tuesday, December 15, by OSC and community volunteers.

“When you have a chance to deliver the overstuffed bag of toys to the home address of a family that requested and see the look of curiosity and wonder on the children's face, it is worth the hours of preparation and the continual humble efforts of asking for donations,” said Linale.

OSC is requesting that all volunteers—especially those who drive trucks, sports utility vehicles, and vans—arrive at the Serramonte Fire Station #94, located at 444 Gellert Boulevard in Daly City, by 6:15 pm PT. Volunteers will begin loading cars promptly at 7:00 pm PT.

Speaking of OneShare Health’s involvement, Linale said she and the rest of the OSC team are excited to expand their organization’s resources and outreach with OneShare’s help.

“OSC’s strength is in our legacy and our loyal community of volunteers,” Linale said, “but the need of the community has grown past what our small organization can impact in a meaningful way. We are looking for partners with deeper resources and a broader community with similar beliefs, and [who] have the same goal to make a difference together.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Operation Santa Claus is invited to follow them on social media, visit OneShare’s Mission in Motion page, or subscribe to the One Share, One Voice Blog!

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