OneShare Health Announces Buddy Combs as Company's Interim CEO

Interim Chief Executive Officer Looks Forward to 'Getting Back to Basics' as Christian Health Share Spearheads New Year

With a focus on "getting back to the basics" of servicing its Members, OneShare Health announced that Chief Legal Officer Buddy Combs will now serve as Interim CEO after a shift in the Executive Leadership Team at the non-profit Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM).  

"Rather than focusing on fleeting opportunities and 'the next big thing,' OneShare Health's focus will be getting back to basics and providing exceptional service to our Members," Combs said. "OneShare was founded out of a desire to inspire healthier, joyful communities on the path of life. Our Members are the core of OneShare Health and the reason our Ministry continues to spread compassionate care to so many individuals and families." 

According to Combs, the ability to spread compassionate care begins with improving the Member experience.  

As 2021 begins, OneShare Health will focus on improving processing times and efficiency for its Members. This will be accomplished by better program development and simplification, operational excellence, redefined partnerships, and improved technology. Phase one of this strategic action plan is set to roll out this month. 

"As a health sharing ministry, we recognize that the paths in the lives of our Members take unforeseen turns, forks, and detours," said Combs. "The OneShare Health Family is thankful for the renewed spirit of our Ministry to start 2021, and we are eager to move forward in this journey towards a healthy, joyful community." 

About OneShare Health: OneShare Health is an ACA-exempt, non-profit, Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM). HCSMs are not traditional health insurance and do not accept risk or make guarantees regarding payment of bills submitted by Members. 

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