OneShare Health and Johnny Rez Announce November 1Share for OneShare Partner Charity

Christian HCSM and Latin Christian Artist Come Together to Advocate for Florida-Based Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative

OneShare Health and Latin Christian Artist Johnny Rez announced their team-up last month, and the duo is now working together to bring support to The Mavuno Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Miami, Florida, created to combat human trafficking of women and children.

The Mavuno Project, which means "harvest" in Swahili, was founded in 2011 by Tania Andre, current President and a personal witness of human trafficking. Through the Project's approved Human Trafficking curriculum and Sex Trafficking social media campaigns, Andre said her hope is to educate the public and "liberate lives" in a viral way.

"As a survivor of child sexual abuse," explained Andre, "I did not want anyone to experience the pain I carried for years. I later saw victims of human trafficking being trafficked right in front of my eyes, as I worked in [gentleman's clubs] for two years selling jewelry and praying for the women."

Over the years, Rez has shown his support for the cause by wearing T-shirts designed by The Mavuno Project during his concerts. He said that treating people "as his own" has always been at the forefront, especially as a Latin person, and that The Mavuno Project furthers his and OneShare's Mission of spreading compassionate care to others.

"I would define 'compassionate care' as placing ourselves in the shoes of others," said Rez. "Then, and only then, can we love and care for them in the way we should. It's easy to see things from our own point of view, but when we feel someone else's pain, we can love them the way Jesus has called us to."

Andre said she considers herself part of a team of "missionaries sent to a broken world." Every day, their efforts—which include raising funds for a safe house in Honduras for victims of trafficking—prevent children, youth, and adults from being "deceived and falling into the darkness of modern-day slavery." The Mavuno Project has taken missionary teams to countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, and Haiti to spread awareness.

"One of the ways we raise awareness is by empowering our kids and youth," said Andre. "We do this by giving them a word of encouragement and letting them know they were 'Created with Purpose.' Our greatest reward is when we see the eyes of those we are speaking to light up with [the promise] of a better future and hope."

Anyone interested in learning more about The Mavuno Project is invited to follow them on social media, visit OneShare's Mission in Motion page, or subscribe to the One Share, One Voice Blog!

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