One of Etsy's Top Sellers -- House of Crazi, Celebrates the Launch of Their Independent Website.

The Company is known for creating safer alternatives to wooden and metal letter décor.

Monochrome Nursery Letters by House of Crazi

House of Crazi, LLC., a popular shop in Etsy’s Home Décor category, and known for their one-of-a-kind style in replicating the look of wood and metal letters without actually using those materials--announces the launch of their independent website,,  which promises to bring styles and options not available anywhere else.

Nancy Rotundo, Creator and President of House of Crazi stated, “It’s about time that a new generation of decorative letters became available other than the traditional heavy wooden and rusty sharp-edged letters. Letters that focus on safety--created by a mother-for-mothers. Moms have enough to worry about without the added worry of heavy objects falling off the walls and hurting their children and babies while they sleep.”

House of Crazi, which specializes in nursery décor, creates non-toxic letters that are free from the associated dangers that can be found in reclaimed wooden and metal letters such as the heavyweight, potential toxins and chemicals, splinters, mold, and pests. The letters are reported to weigh less than the weight of a short paperback book making any dangers associated with something falling off the wall by accident—minimal, if at all. They use non-toxic and hand mixed pigments to achieve their popular one-of-a-kind looks, and everything is custom made and handmade to order, making the ordering process a truly personal and memorable experience.

When asked if the House of Crazi was leaving Etsy, Nancy stated, “I would never dream of leaving Etsy. Etsy is a one-of-a-kind community of various handcrafted talented sellers from all walks of life, and it’s truly a motivating and uplifting experience to be a part of something so unique. I’m just opening up another avenue that I can truly claim as my own.”

House of Crazi has an assortment of styles, textures, and finishes to choose from. You can browse pre-designed assortments of mixed letters, view their Look Book for inspiration, or compile your own individual assortment of letters. As one of Etsy’s top sellers in Home Décor, you can now purchase directly from their website,, where they offer styles and options unavailable anywhere else. 

House of Crazi was created in 2016 by Nancy Rotundo. After the birth of her first son, Jackson, who was born prematurely at 30 weeks old, she searched everywhere for safer alternative options to heavy wooden letter décor. Unable to find any options, she decided to create them herself and has now expanded her original line to include over 15 different styles and over 200 different options.

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A letter decor company focusing on safer and non-toxic alternatives to wooden and metal letter decor.

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