House of Crazi, a Decorative Letter Company, Expands Their Products to Include Letters for Home Décor.

The company is traditionally known for creating unique and custom one-of-a-kind baby name letters.

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House of Crazi, LLC., announces the expansion of their decorative letter offerings.  These letters that were once traditionally only available for nursery name signs are now available for home decor.  These include areas of the home such as kitchen wall spaces, laundry room decor, playroom wall decor, and bathroom wall decor.  Many corporate offices, hotels, retail spaces, and restaurant chains have already started placing their wall letter orders upon the website’s announcement earlier this month.

Nancy Rotundo, Creator and President of House of Crazi stated, “I love the creative process and I’m constantly looking for ways to keep my company moving forward.  Expanding to other areas outside of nursery wall décor was the next logical step and I’m absolutely thrilled to jump into this new creative venture.”

House of Crazi, which specialized solely on nursery name signs, creates non-toxic letters that are free from the associated dangers that can be found in reclaimed wooden and metal letters such as the heavy weight, potential toxins and chemicals, splinters, mold, and pests. The letters are reported to weigh less than the weight of a short paperback book making any dangers associated with something falling off the wall by accident— minimal, if at all. They use non-toxic and hand mixed pigments to achieve their popular one-of-a-kind looks and everything is custom made and handmade to order, making the ordering process a truly personal and memorable experience.

When asked what the company had planned for the new expansion of categories, the President of House of Crazi replied with, “I love creating new products that can’t be found anywhere else so my focus will be on continually creating one-of-a-kind stylistic letters.”  She went on to state, “I just completed a project for a Major League Baseball team’s training camp and I’m constantly humbled when I receive these special projects from large corporations because I think to myself, out of all the companies in the world that make decorative letters, they picked me— I must be doing something right.”

For more information, the popular decorative letter shop can be found at and custom orders can be placed directly with the company through the company’s website. The company is also currently offering free standard shipping for domestic orders over $75 and flat rate shipping for all other domestic orders through the end of October. The company currently only ships throughout the United States and Canada. 

Source: House of Crazi


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