Ona Broadway Joins Wasson-ECE Instrumentation as Application Chemist, Field Sales Engineer

Ona Broadway

Wasson-ECE Instrumentation Inc. - a world leader in gas chromatography, method development and leading edge GC applications; has announced the addition of Ona Broadway as an Application Chemist and Field Sales Engineer supporting customers in North America.

Ona has worked in chromatographic instrumentation and software technical sales and support roles in the United States for the last 23 years, with her efforts focused on service to the petroleum and petrochemical customer base. Ona will focus on field technical sales and support for Wasson-ECE, and will be centrally based in Houston, TX.

"We are excited to welcome Ona to the Wasson-ECE team." said David Cuthbert, Global Business Development Manager for Wasson-ECE Instrumentation.  "Wasson-ECE strives to partner with our customers and provide them with excellent service and GC products.  Ona has a proven track record of always  working in the best interest of her customers."

Ona’s passion is working directly with customers to identify their needs, then provide individually tailored chromatographic solutions, whether it be a new system or an upgrade of existing equipment or software. Wasson-ECE’s wide variety of expert resources enables the best possible solutions that are fully proven and guaranteed. Ona’s attention to detail in her proposals include hardware, software, data transfer, training, maintenance, and technical support considerations to ensure continuous operation and the highest quality data production on each Wasson-ECE system.  Continuing her American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) membership and participation will support improvement and development of standardized testing methods for the regulation of petroleum products.  In addition, Ona will reactivate her interest and participation in the Gas Processors Association to remain current of the gas industry trends and needs.

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