On the Fly Marketing Emphasizes Teamwork

The executives at On The Fly Marketing highlighted the benefits of the company's team-based culture. The Director of Operations outlined the advantages of social team-building events.

“At On The Fly Marketing, we understand that hiring top performers is only part of the equation,” said Terra, the Director of Operations. “We must maintain a team-oriented culture where everyone works toward the success of the company. When you have a cohesive organization, everyone produces high-quality results.”

The management team at On The Fly Marketing knows culture doesn’t happen on its own. “In order to keep everyone on target, we have developed a company culture code,” added the Director. “This ensures that everyone, from our new hires to our experienced managers, knows what we stand for. It enables us work cohesively, plus our customers and partners clearly understand what we do.”

"Teamwork is one of our core values,"

Terra, Director of Operations

“Teamwork is one of our core values,” said Terra. “We promote self-managed groups of people who are empowered to make their own decisions.” Each is given specific projects to work on, plus associates are expected to keep their eyes on market trends and customer feedback. “We expect individuals to be flexible while they work together,” she added. “That’s how we stay on the forefront of the industry.”

“When we share our team-based values with the world, everyone wins,” said Terra. “Customers gravitate toward our focus on teamwork and efficiency. They know we strive to target audiences in innovative ways.”

Additionally, the firm has seen an uptick in the flow of resumes and job inquiries. “Our company’s reputation as a job provider has also grown,” added Terra. “People are attuned to our values. They want to be part of our winning team!”

On The Fly Marketing’s Director Highlights Team Building

Terra and the On The Fly Marketing management team believe that teams work best when members have opportunities to interact on a social basis. “When people get to know each other, they learn to trust and support their peers,” she said. “This benefits the business and the brands we represent.”

Management strives to keep things interesting around the office. “We offer training programs that are fun and competitive,” said Terra. “For instance, we recently hosted activities around communication and urgency. People were very creative!” A monthly social calendar is posted, which includes office raffles, giveaways, and lunch events.

“After work, we schedule activities that foster team building,” said Terra. The company hosts regular dinners, bowling events, and team nights at popular locales such as Dave and Buster’s. “Once we did partner bowling, which connected two people together and they had to bowl while attached to each other! We also went on a camping trip,” added Terra. “It was pretty amusing to see who the real scouts were, since it took quite a few people to build a campfire. The good news is we remembered to bring the ingredients for smores. That’s what I call teamwork!”

About On The Fly Marketing, Inc.

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