On DigitalOlympus.com: FoxBusiness.com Report On EU's Announcement Of Additional Financial Support For The Electronics Industry

Popular news and technology blog DigitalOlympus.com has commented on a recent FoxBusiness.com news article about the European Union's announcement of a new campaign aimed at coordinating public investment

Following a news article by Frances Robinson published on May 23 on FoxBusiness.com regarding the European Union's announcement of a new strategy aimed at coordinating public investment to provide more than €100 billion for the development of Europe's nanoelectronics and microelectronics industry, DigitalOlympus.com hailed this plan as an example of business intelligence in action.

The recent FoxBusiness.com news article revealed that the European Commission is launching this new campaign to encourage technical and financial collaboration across borders to boost chip production in Europe, as the primary strategy to manufacture more chips and semiconductors than the U.S. and therefore be more competitive worldwide.

According to the FoxBusiness.com news report, the European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes was quoted saying: "We can even produce closer to 20% amount of global production, more than on U.S. soil, but only if we get our act together. If we don't take the opportunity, others will leapfrog us."

Kroes' declaration clarifies the European Union's intent to manufacture more chips in Europe, thus surpassing current production in the United States. This new EU's strategy will include €1.5 billion from EU funds, and probably twice as much from EU Member States and regional institutions; something that can change the electronics industry landscape around the globe.

Lead researcher at DigitalOlympus.com Josh Cole welcomed the announcement of this campaign and perceived this new strategy as a great example of successful business intelligence in action, because only after methodically evaluating the prospect of creating a whole new line of business is now that the European Union is trying to get Europe to double its chip production to 20% in the next seven years.

"This strategy was surely developed after conducting thorough due diligence investigations that allowed the European Commission to consider the risks and opportunities that come with doubling their chip production," said Cole. "This kind of investment process requires accurate information that can only be obtained through systematic investigations that are often provided by third-party professionals."

The FoxBusiness.com news article concluded by stating that the European Union needs to swiftly coordinate public investment so that national and regional funds can be used effectively; all of this in order to achieve the desired transformation and ensure that Europe gains a competitive edge in the global market by expanding its dominance in the electronics industry.

As a news and technology blog, DigitalOlympus.com advises its readers to further analyze and investigate how business intelligence was a pivotal part in the development of this new campaign by the European Commission and also urges all business leaders to hire outside specialized firms that can carry out a thorough background investigation before venturing into investing.

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