DigitalOlympus.Com Comments on Recent BBC News About LG Display of Its Phone Screen That Offers Highest Resolution

Popular business news and technology research blog has commented on recent BBC News report regarding LG showcase of its device that can boast of the highest phone screen resolution.

In the wake of a recent news report by Leo Kelion published on August 21 on BBC News concerning LG's unveiling of what it described as the smartphone with the highest screen resolution to date, comments on how the LG phone system may perform in the smartphone sector.
The BBC News report indicated that the LG smartphone comes with a 5.5in (14cm) component 538 pixels per inch and supports 2560 by 1440 pixel video playback. The features of the device are higher than the 1080p high definition format but not up to 4K Ultra HD. LG also declared that the screen of the phone is also the slimmest in existence. Nonetheless, analysts implied consumers might find it hard to value the difference.

In a statement following the report, lead researcher Josh Cole stated that in a sector where the means of survival is via innovation, the move of LG is a step in the right direction that will benefit users in the smartphone sectors as more subscribers use their device as VoIP phones.

Kelion's report further stated that "The South Korean firm's display division was the fourth biggest maker of screens used in phones and tablets in 2012 based on revenue, according to research firm NPD DisplaySearch. Samsung sold the most, followed by Japan Display and Sharp. LG said its latest technology would offer "more lifelike and crisp images" than what was already available on the market."
Cole commended the move of LG stating that several users in the smartphone sector usually embrace new innovation, as smartphone makers make attempt to outsmart one another in the sector with innovative prowess. is a foremost news and technology research blog, committed to supplying incisive recommendations, and advising the embrace of effective and standard telecom equipment such as Panasonic Phone system devices as well as the efficient application of business phones among others, as well as business policies that can enable businesses to boost their efficiency and live up to the expectations of their sector.

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