Comments On Microsoft Move To Acquire Nokia Business Unit

Leading business news and technology research blog has commented on a recent BBC News regarding the plans of Microsoft to acquire the business unit of Nokia as the firm plans to invest in the mobile sector.

Sequel to a recent report published on September 03 on BBC News regarding the agreement of Microsoft Corp to a deal to enable it acquire Nokia's mobile phone business which is valued at 5.4bn euros ($7.2bn; £4.6bn), comments on the move of the tech giant into the mobile phone systems sector.

The BBC News report points that as part of the deal, Nokia will also certify its patent and mapping services to Microsoft. As a result of the news of the deal, Nokia shares soared 45%. The acquisition is set to be finalized in early 2014, when about 32,000 Nokia employees will move to Microsoft. However, while Nokia had witnessed hard times due to rivalry from Samsung and Apple, Microsoft has been condemned for arriving late to the mobile sector party.

In response to the report, lead researcher Josh Cole stated that while the decision of Microsoft to venture into the mobile sector may be described as a late response to dwindling PC sales, its move to acquire Nokia's business unit is commendable as several subscribers who use their devices as business phones may opt for the tech giant's operating system.

The BBC News cites chief executive of Microsoft Steve Ballmer as saying "It's a bold step into the future - a win-win for employees, shareholders and consumers of both companies." However, the deal is subject to endorsement by Nokia shareholders and regulators. As one of the biggest names in the technology industry, Microsoft Corp has witnessed dwindling sales in PCs as consumers opt for smartphones and tablets.

"The move of Microsoft to invest in the mobile telecom sector, where the use of VoIP phone use is prevalent and the timing of the deal is a step in the right direction for the firm as the Chief Executive of the tech giant Steve Ballmer is set to resign in 12 months' time," says a spokesperson. is a leading news and technology research blog, committed to supplying incisive recommendations, and advising the embrace of effective and standard telecom equipment such as Panasonic Phone system devices, as well as business policies that can enable businesses to boost their efficiency and live up to the expectations of their sector.

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