OMVOS Announces Launch of Vida-a-gogo, the E-Scooter Reinvented With Style, Safety, and Smart Technology

E-scooter innovator OMVOS just announced the launch of its latest high-performance Vida-a-gogo. This ultra-comfortable, efficient, and safe seated e-scooter is the perfect mode of earth-friendly transportation for urbanites. Packed with useful features for comfort, efficiency, and high performance, the Vida-a-gogo reinvents the e-scooter for modern lives and is available now. For more information, visit the campaign here:

The innovative Vida-a-gogo E-Scooter makes getting around a breeze with a 400W motor that delivers fast acceleration and powerful torque to take on streets, inclines, and all types of city terrain with ease. With a 19mph/30kph maximum speed and 31miles/ 50km max range on a single charge, it is fast and efficient, perfect for daily commuting and trips around town. The seated design means that riding is easier than with traditional stand-up scooters and perfect for beginners, experienced riders, and even those with limited mobility. Designed with a space-saving folding design, the scooter can easily be stored at home, in the office or trunk of a car between rides.

"With today's city streets busier and more congested than ever, commuters, students, and business people need a fast, convenient and comfortable way to travel between their destinations while avoiding traffic and slowdowns. E-scooters are the perfect solution — they are efficient, earth-friendly, and small enough to take anywhere. However, until recently, electric scooters were bulky, inconvenient, expensive machines with limited battery life. Our goal with Vida-a-gogo was to make riding an e-scooter more comfortable and user-friendly. With a powerful motor, long range, smart features, and a comfortable seated design, anyone can enjoy effortless travel on city streets — avoiding traffic jams and getting where they need to go on time and with a smaller carbon footprint," said OMVOS CEO Vic Chan.

The Vida-a-gogo is packed with features of convenience, which include keyless remote start with a single button and LCD display for essential information such as remaining power and real-time speed. Navigation is made easy with the e-mount, which mounts on the handlebars and can be connected to charge in the USB charging port while riding.

OMVOS takes safety seriously, opting for features that other e-scooters usually don't include. Rearview mirrors improve visibility of those behind the rider. The front LED headlight illuminates any dark path and the rear brake/turn signal lights help the rider be seen. An on-board anti-lock braking system provides efficient, responsive braking. For peace of mind, the scooter is also equipped with an anti-theft alarm system that triggers an alarm and motor/wheel lock if an unauthorized person tries to move it.

Vida-a-gogo E-Scooter transforms the way in which urban riders get around. With style, comfort, efficiency, and high performance, the Vida-a-gogo allows riders to get to their destination in comfort without a large carbon footprint. The next-generation e-scooters from OMVOS are available for pre-sale now, with rewards and incentives for early adopters. Learn more here:

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