"Omni Hang": Works for Both Males and Females Securing Space for Preferred Items

Every individual has storage problems at one time or another. This device is a perfect method to organize numerous items and keep them in view and easily retrievable. The Omni Hang is a multi-use, elegant storage organizer used to hold, display and organize a variety of items. The adjustable rungs are interchangeable and can securely hold and showcase jewelry, scarves, belts, ties, greeting cards, photos, wedding memorabilia, and more, in a neat, compact space. Displayed on a wall or hung in a closet, this space-saving, clutter eliminating, the multi-level lighted hanger will illuminate jewelry in dazzling light, and by providing multiple visual levels, will make finding the perfect accessory a quick and simple matter.
The “shoulders” and hook of the Omni Hang are a premium quality coat-hanger with a swivel-mounted, rubber-tipped metal hook and a substantial pair of “shoulders” in molded thermoplastic or wood. The cross-bar or pants-rod extends horizontally between the bottom of the hanger's shoulders and supports a ladder-like arrangement in which two descending strips of fabric, front and back, descend from either side of the ends of the hanger's cross-bar. The material of the descending fabric strips and cross-tube “rungs” are smooth satin giving the Omni Hang a highly finished appearance. The descending fabric strips are fitted at intervals with form-fitting, sewn and padded fabric tubes which run side to side; these tubes are designed to receive adjustable-length curtain rods to give them rigidity. Several of the “rungs” are equipped with a row of miniature clothespins designed to safely and securely hold pins, brooches, rings, greeting cards, or family photos. Other clasps or hook-equipped “rungs” holds articles such as belts, dress-ties, and scarves. One or more of the “rungs” is designed to hold bracelets and necklaces. Other accessories like the easily attached zippered pouch are available to store larger items discreetly. A personal sign is available and is interchangeable for a special occasion. A clear, zip-sided garment bag keeps the stored articles dust free and protects the items from catching on the fabric of adjacent garments and a large netting accessory can hold a multitude of earrings, necklaces and pins. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Omni Hang.
The Omni Hang is Patent Pending and was invented by Orsola Delta and Francesca Lopez of Lake Grove, NY who said, “This is a versatile product that ends the frustrating rummaging through jewelry drawers and clothing accessories and more. It is the perfect display (for whatever the user decides) allowing for easy accessibility. It works.”
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