Omega Engineering Announces Launch of the Omega Enterprise Gateway Software 2.3

Updated Software Includes Capabilities that Make Monitoring and Control Simpler Than Ever

Omega Engineering has officially launched its newest Omega Enterprise Gateway Software - OEG 2.3 - which makes monitoring and control simpler, and, with OPC-UA/DA available, allows for easy integration of Omega devices into an existing infrastructure.   

With the addition of "Enterprise Mode", the OEG 2.3 now supports Omega Layer N GW Series Gateway products within local-area network environments - the number-one requested upgrade from IIoT customers.   

"This new capability enables customers to use Layer N products - our IIoT production line - in Enterprise configuration, which allows data to be collected at the local PC level in addition to the original cloud configuration made available with the original launch of the software," says Peter Schwartz, Senior Product Manager, IIoT at Omega Engineering. "Simply put, OEG 2.3 allows customers to use IIoT products in a different way - instead of being tied to cloud service and the subscription fees that come with it, now customers can keep all their sensitive data internally within their own networks." 

As an additional benefit, Omega Enterprise Gateway Software version 2.3, having this new Enterprise configuration, provides a direct upgrade path for the replacement of legacy products to a much more robust, longer-range communication Layer N product.   

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Source: Omega Engineering